Free Soft Toy Patterns: Sewing Elephant Toy Pattern

You'll LOVE sewing together this FREE elephant toy pattern that's the perfect soft toy patterns for little ones to enjoy!Making stuffed animals for little ones is lots of fun and this cute and colourful elephant toy pattern by Denise Mutton is perfect! Our free soft toy sewing patterns are so easy to follow—please let us know how you get on and share photos of your handmade toys using the hashtag, #SewandSo!

Materials needed:

Elephant Toy Pattern Instructions:

  1. Trace off the patterns and use to cut out 2 x A (body), 2 x B (head and trunk), 2 x C (legs) from one fabric, and 4 x D (ear) and 1 x E (tail) from a contrasting fabric. Fold your fabrics in half before pinning patterns in place and cutting out (to ensure pattern pieces are reversed as necessary).
  2. When sewing your fabric pieces together, always have the right sides of the fabric facing. Before turning sewn fabric pieces through to the right side, snip curved seams close to the stitching line taking care not to cut through the sewn stitches.
  3. Turn a narrow hem on the long ends of the tail, fold wrong sides facing to bring the hemmed edges together and sew. Knot one end.
  4. Using D, cut two ears from interlining. Place two patterned fabric ear pieces together, right sides facing and sandwich an interlining in between. Sew around the curved edges only; turn through and press. Pin an ear to each body piece, aligning raw edges and sew in place.
  5. Tack (baste) the legs to the body and sew. Now sew the leg sections together along the straight edge.
  6. Sew the head/trunk sections to the body, taking care to keep the legs out of the way. Pin the tail in place facing inwards, and sew the sides together stitching only up to where the legs are sewn – leave a gap for stuffing. Turn right side out, firmly stuff and ladder stitch to close gap. Sew on button eyes.

—This project has been excerpted from 101 Easy To Make Craft Projects.

Download these inexpensive toy sewing patterns that young ones will enjoy!

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54 thoughts on “Free Soft Toy Patterns: Sewing Elephant Toy Pattern

  1. Thanks for the free pattern. After quite a few wrong turns I made it! And it’s very cute indeed, and simple, now that I know how.

    Just one thing that is incorrect in the pattern – you don’t sandwich the interfacing between the 2 ear pieces, you place the 2 ear pieces right side together, and then you place the interfacing on top, stitch all together, and then, when you turn then out, the interfacing is sandwiched in-between. Then you press.

    If you’re giving this as a gift to a baby or toddler, I wouldn’t use buttons for eyes. You could do a little french knot instead.

    Thanks again, I’m definitely going to make this cute little guy again!

  2. The leg pieces are for the insides of the legs, so you’ll need to line up a leg piece with each body piece and sew these together with the right sides of the fabric facing each other. Then sew the two leg pieces together in the middle – the straight line refers to the top of the leg pieces.

  3. Hello! i just tried printing this and it is printing the 2 pages, but it is NOT printing the tail and the Head and trunk. It prints the words “Tail (E)” and “Head and trunk (B)” and the legs and ears but not the outline of the tail and trunk. weird! 🙁

  4. I saved the PDF to my desk top and printed just the 2nd page and got a very faint dashed line / thin double lined (?) outline of the tail and head/trunk so this will do. still, weird! 🙂 Thanks for the awesome patterns!

  5. Hi Elizabeth,

    I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble printing the pattern that error does sound very odd! I have just downloaded this and printed it here in the office to test, and my patterns are printing okay. What software are you using to view and print the PDF?

    Many thanks,

    – James
    @Stitch Craft Create

  6. Thank-you so much for this pattern. I’ve made three of these now. My latest one I scaled the PDF to 200% and made a big one to give as a Christmas gift.

    They really are gorgeous when made.

  7. Sew the leg pieces to the body with the right sides of the fabric facing each other. Sew the two leg pieces together in the middle in the same way before turning out – the ‘straight edge’ refers to the top of the leg pieces. Hope that helps!

  8. I started with one little gray fleece elephant and loved him. So then I made a hot pink fleece Mama Elephant. To this I added a large (white, of course) fleece Papa elephant. I embroidered the eyes, and added snaps to the trunks and tails, to enable an elephant parade display. Then I used the pattern as an applique in white set on the gray fleece, as a blanket. I backed it with a sweet pink, gray, and white flannel. It makes a beautiful gift. I will post a picture next time I’m on, using my I-Pad. Thank you so much for this adorable and easy pattern.

  9. You can either click on the link above to open the pattern in your browser and download it from there, or you can right-click on the ‘Elephant Toy Pattern’ link above and select ‘Save Link As’ to save the PDF to your computer.
    Hope that works for you! Let me know if you’re still having problems.

  10. Try right-clicking on the link above and choosing ‘Save Link As’ to save the PDF with the pattern pieces to your computer. Then you should be able to open it from there. Let me know if that doesn’t work and we can send a PDF to you directly.

  11. I just finished making your little elephant by Denise Mutton. I love it! I was wondering though–there are 4 slash marks on the top back of the elephant and I am not sure what they are for. The two two on the front are for the ears, I get that and I assume the two close together are for the tail….but the two on the top are a mystery to me.
    ps since I was making this for a baby, I chose to make the eyes from one of my built in stitches on my machine.

  12. Glad that you love the pattern! The other two marks show the position of the gap to leave for turning and stuffing the elephant. Please send us a photo of your finished toy – we’d love to see!

  13. Hello,

    I have problems in making the tail, it just will not work.
    Is it possible to explain this in a slightly different mannier or show it ?
    I am Dutch speaking and how to create the tail is the only thing I do not understand well, the rest succeed very well.

    Greetings and thanks

  14. Take the strip of fabric for the tail and fold over a small amount on each side to create a narrow hem. Then fold the strip in half lengthways with right sides facing and sew along the edge with the hems to close this up and create a thin tube. Turn right sides out and then knot one end. For a neater finish you can sew up one end of the tail before knotting it too. Hope that helps!

  15. Hi Ive signed up but when I click on to download the free elephant nothing happens. Do I need to sign in somewhere to get this. It is such a cute elephant can’t wait to get stitching it.

  16. I am starting on my first one and am already stuck at the tail. It is too small to make a knot. At least for me. So I made a longer one, folded long ends to meet in the middle, zigzagged down the middle and then tied one end. Then I cut to desired length. If you have an easier way please let me know. This worked fine I the zigzag is sort of cute.
    Thanks for this darling pattern.

  17. Hi, I love making these little guys, but have so much trouble with the legs.
    I understand sewing them to the body. I leave a little space so I can then sew the legs together. Then my problems start. I am not sure how to make all the sewing match up. It’s hard to explain in words but I sew the legs to the body. I leave a little space so I can then sew the legs together across the straight edge. But then when I go to sew the body together it doesn’t go together correctly for me. The legs just won’t lay nicely. I don’t know if you can figure out what I mean but detailed instructions on the legs would be good. I am a fairly good sewer but some instructions always seem to baffle me.

  18. I agree with Bonnie Saxton- I have made one of these, but as I just couldn’t work out the leg to body bit, the cut out pieces sat on my sewing table for 3 weeks! It looked OK when done, but seemed a bit messy ‘down below’ !

  19. Hi Lauren,
    A standard 1/4 inch will be fine for this project. Best of luck, and we’d love to see the finished elephant! Just tag us on either Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
    All the best,
    Rosie @ SCC

  20. Just downloaded this pattern and am looking forward to making the elephant.
    I read all the comments and learned the seam allowance and some of the problems others have faced when putting the pieces together. I hope I can do it without problems. I think I will make the ears a little bigger. The elephant looks rather “skinny”. Is it fatter than it appears? The head and body look rather narrow. Would an “extra” piece in the head give the wider look? I might give it a try.

  21. […] Inspired by my safari, I decided to make some baby elephants for the as-yet-unborn little ones of mytwo closefriends, both of whom are pregnant. You can find the free pattern on Stitch Craft Create. […]

  22. I am planning to make one of these for my niece in patchwork fabric so it’s like Elmer. I have made the patchwork, printed the pattern and am looking forward to making him but could you tell me how tall the elephant will be. Can’t decide how much to enlarge by.


  23. Hi Carol, I managed to find some picture instructions for you but they don’t match up exactly as they’re designed for our Toy Elephant Kit (which comes with pre-cut pattern pieces). I’ve sent the instructions to the email address you provided – please let me know if they’re helpful!

  24. Thanks for this free pattern. Am about to start sewing this ele, but after reading all the comments am really worried going to get stuck!!! Any chance you can upload a youtube video of how to make this elephant (please). Or if not maybe upload some photos on areas where people get stuck, e.g. legs and tails. Thank you

  25. I’ve recently started making this lovely little plush as a xmas present for someone…I will post a pic when I’ve finished! Did have some trouble with the legs, however with the help of the in-laws we figured it out 😀 Will definitely post a picture soon x-o-x-o-x

  26. Hi, I made this with my daughter and it turned out really lovely, however I also was a little confused about sewing the leg pieces and needed my mum to take a look and assist! perhaps a You Tube or photos, or better worded instruction might help.

    Thank you though, it is very sweet and we’ll give it to a friend a a present for her baby.