Free Shabby Chic Table Runner Pattern

Add a touch of class to your dining room table with this free shabby chic table runner pattern by Lisa Fordham. The simple design will make those dinner parties all the more appealing!

Table runner pattern

You Will Need:  

  • Fabric for runner back, front and ends: One piece 38cm x 95cm (15in x 37¼in); Two pieces 10cm x 95cm (37?8in x 37¼in); Two pieces 25cm x 85cm (97?8in x 333?8in)
  • Fabric for runner front panel: One piece 18cm x 95cm (15in x 37¼in)
  • Purple cotton lace and narrow satin ribbon

How to Sew the Table Runner Pattern:

1. To make the front, lay the blue buds strip between the 10cm (37?8in) wide strips of blue dots; pin and tack (baste). Lay the lace over the top where the strips join and machine stitch together on both sides.

2. Fold over the long edges of the pieced front and the 38cm (15in) wide blue dots back piece. Place the front and back together with wrong sides facing; pin, tack (baste) and machine stitch.

3. To make the pointed ends, take the remaining two pieces of blue dot fabric and fold widthways to the width of your runner. Fold in the edges on both sides and press. Fold over the bottom edge and press.

4. Fold the corners over to the centre back, press again and machine stitch to the runner at either end folding in untidy edges as you go. Hand stitch the corner points in position on the reverse.

5. Cut two lengths of ribbon approximately 80cm (313?8in) long and tie into large bows. Pin and hand sew to each end of runner. Add the buttons to corners of the blue buds panel to finish.


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