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We love discovering free sewing patterns and these giant polka dot pillows made from Tula Pink’s oversized Free Fall fabric tick all the boxes! Perfect for any home decor projects, Free Fall is a high quality sateen in vibrant colours to brighten up any room. Mix and match your favourite colours to create your perfect combination or stitch a rainbow of multicoloured cushions…

free sewing patternsfree sewing patterns

Skill Level: Beginner/Easy

For Cushion A you will need:

For Cushion B  you will need:

  • 21? x 21? (53 cm x 53cm) of Free Fall in Orchid 
  • 21? x 21? (53 cm x 53cm) of Free Fall in Navy
  • For the piping: 4? (10cm) wide bias strips to equal 90? (203cm) of Free Fall in Battleship (See Figure 1)

free sewing patternsAdditional Requirements:


Please Note: All seam allowances are 1?2” (1.27cm)

  1. Sew the 4? (10cm) wide bias strips short ends together to make one long strip. Press the strip lengthwise in half with wrong sides facing. Open the strip and place wrong side up on your work surface.
  2. Place the piping cord on the pressed strip as close to the fold as possible. Fold the fabric tightly over the cord with raw edges matching. Pin in place. (Cord can be slightly shorter or longer than the fabric. It will be trimmed later.) Using the zipper foot, sew close to the cord, removing the pins as you go. (Make sure to keep the raw edges of the strip aligned as you sew.)
  3. With raw edges matching and leaving a 11?2” (3.81cm) tail, pin the piping to the edge of the ) 21? x 21? (53 cm x 53cm) Fabric A pillow front piece. Curve the piping around the corners, clipping the seam allowance in the corners so that it lies flat. (Leave the excess piping. It will be trimmed later.)
  4. Using the zipper foot, begin sewing the piping on the seam line all around the pillow front. Stop sewing approximately 1? (2.54cm) away from the starting tail.
  5. Use a seam ripper to remove the piping stitches on the end tail. Fold the fabric back and trim the tail cording so that it meets the head cording. Pull the tail fabric back into place and fold the ends under 1?2” (1.27cm) to make a hem. Wrap the hemmed end under and around the cording to enclose the matched ends. Sew in place with seam line matching.

Pillow Assembly:

  1. With piping flat against the pillow front, place the front right side up. Lay one pillow back piece wrong side up on the front with raw edges aligned. Position the remaining back piece wrong side up on the uncovered side of the pillow front. The back pieces will overlap. Pin the front and back pieces together.
  2. Sew a 1?2” (1.27cm) seam around the outside edge of the pillow assembly (This should match the piping seam line.) leaving a 10 “ opening for turning. Zigzag stitch around the raw edges to increase strength. Turn the pillow cover right side out.


  1. Insert the pillow form. Hand-sew the opening closed.

Repeat for Cushion B

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