Free Lavender Bag Pattern

This free lavender bag pattern by Ali Burdon is the perfect size to fit neatly in your wardrobe — but this pretty stitched bag is so sweet you wouldn’t want to keep it hidden! Use it to keep your towels and clothes fresh and sweet smelling.

You Will Need:

lavender bag pattern

Sewing the Free Lavender Bag Pattern:

1. Iron the interlining onto the wrong sides of the fabric pieces following the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Using a dressmaker’s pencil or pen, mark a grid in the centre of the right side of one of the pieces of fabric, making the lines around 6mm (¼in) apart.

3. Set your sewing machine to make a satin stitch 2mm in length and 0.5mm in width; stitch along the inner lines of your grid.

4. Work across the grid from left to right, and without cutting the thread between the lines, turn the fabric through 90 degrees and work across the grid from left to right the other way. Finally sew round the outer edge of the grid (this will hide all the uncut threads) and fasten off.

5. Use different coloured stranded cotton to sew cross stitches in the grid squares, using three strands in the needle. It is not necessary to cut the thread between stitches, but don’t pull it too tight or you will pucker the fabric.

6. Fasten off each colour set of stitches by taking your needle and thread through the back of a couple of grid stitches.

7. Fold the ric-rac in half and pin to the corner of the decorated fabric square, loop pointing down. Place the other fabric square on top, right sides facing; machine stitch together with a 1cm (3/8in) seam allowance leaving a 4cm (1½in) turning gap. Trim seam to 6mm (¼in) and trim corners. Turn right side out, press, and stuff with lavender. Sew the gap closed with an invisible ladder stitch.


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