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If you fancy making yourself a nice new cushion cover, as demonstrated on The Great British Sewing Bee – have a bash! But don’t be drab! Brighten up your home-sewn interiors with a splash of colour with this free cushion project, made using simple sewing techniques and a handful of ribbons. Simply scrumptious!

A boldly striped cushion to add a little pizzazz to your living room, this little beauty is so easy to make. Machine stitching the ribbons to a background fabric means you can create the dazzling effect quickly, and if you buy your ribbons on a roll you’ll have enough to make a cosy nest of pillows for your couch.

free cushion project
The centre panel of stripes is offset from the outer two to create a trick of the eye, giving the cushion a quirky three dimensional effect. If you stare for too long you might need a lie down. Lucky you have all those lovely soft cushions.

To make this free cushion project you will need…

  • 70cm (28in) medium-weight pre-shrunk white cotton fabric
  • 120cm (48in) satin ribbon, 10mm (3?8in) wide, in a variety of colours
  • pencil and long ruler
  • fabric adhesive
  • 70cm (28in) medium-weight, pre-shrunk sky-blue cotton fabric, 90cm (36in) wide
  • sewing threads to match ribbons
  • 55cm (22in) square cushion pad


1 For the cushion front, cut two 58cm (23in) squares of white cotton fabric. Cut 22cm (8½in) strips of ribbon in a variety of colours. Using a pencil and ruler, draw a 15mm (½in) seam allowance all the way around one cushion front. Divide the remaining area into three equal panels.

2 Dot a very small amount of fabric adhesive onto the back of the first piece of ribbon. Position the ribbon onto the cushion front, inside the first of the three panels. Line up the ribbon with the pencil line at the top of the fabric and overlap the seam allowance at the outside edge. Use matching thread to machine stitch the ribbon in place.

free cushion project

3 To attach the second piece of ribbon, dot adhesive onto the back as before. Tuck under one raw edge and position the ribbon on the fabric inside the second panel, to overlap the raw end of the first piece of ribbon. Stitch in place with matching thread as before. Repeat with the third piece of ribbon, gluing and stitching it into place in the third panel.

free cushion project

4 Continue gluing and stitching the ribbons to the cushion front, alternating colours to make a repeating pattern. When all the ribbon is in place, pin the second cushion front to the back of the first, matching corners and edges exactly. Machine stitch in place.

5 Cut two rectangles of sky-blue cotton, each measuring 58 x 45cm (23 x 18in). Press under a 15mm (½in) hem down one long side of each piece. Tuck under the raw edges, and stitch the hems in place.

free cushion project


6 Pin one back to the front of the cushion, right sides together, with the hemmed edge to the centre. Pin the second cushion back in place, with the hemmed edges overlapping, to make a flap closing.

7 Machine stitch the backs to the front using a 15mm (½in) seam allowance.

8 Carefully clip off the seam allowance on the corners of the cushion cover and trim the seams slightly to reduce bulk. Turn the cushion through and shake out. Use a pin to pull out the tips of the corners into points.

free cushion project

This free cushion project was excerpted from the great little book Make Me I’m Yours Cushions, packed with ideas for making more fabulous and funky cushions like this!

make me I'm yours cushions

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