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Lines by Design Quilts is the new book from Debbie Grifka. The book will guide quilters in an exploration of the beauty of the line beginning with pure lines, through the outlines of various shapes and, finally, to lines that form pictures. She has given a free cushion cover project to go along with the book. This lovely Daisy cushion will look so stylish on your sofa.

Daisy Pillow

Finished size: 16″ × 16″ (40.6cm × 40.6cm)

Fabric Requirements & Supplies

Green: 1?2 yard (0.5m)
White: 1?2 yard (0.5m)
Batting: 19″ (48.3cm) square
Muslin: 19″ (48.3cm) square
81?2″ × 11″ (21.6cm × 27.9cm) piece of freezer paper 16″ (40.6cm) pillow form


Fabric Note

The project shown was made using Robert Kaufman Kona Solids in Peridot and White.

Cutting Instructions


Cut (1) 17″ (43.2cm) square for the background.

Cut (1) 13″ × 161?2″ (33cm × 41.9cm) strip for the pillow back.


Cut (6) 1″ (2.5cm) wide bias strips. Cut (2) 41?2″ (11.4cm) squares.

Cut (1) 13″ × 161?2″ (33cm × 41.9cm) rectangle for the pillow back.

Note: All seam allowances are 1?4″ (6mm) unless other- wise noted.

Daisy Pillow figure 1
Figure 1

Step 1: Trace the petal and circle templates onto freezer paper and cut them out on the lines. Fold the circle in half twice to make a plus sign and then twice more to make an X.

Step 2: Press creases in the background square 93?4″ (24.8cm) from the top and 103?4″ (27.3cm) from the left raw edges. Place the center of the circle template at the intersection of the pressed lines. Press the circle in place and use a removable marking pencil to trace around the circle (Figure 1).


Daisy Pillow figure 2
Figure 2

Step 3: Center the petal template over 1 of the pressed lines; press in place and trace around the template. Rotate the template to trace outlines for 8 petals. Remove both templates from the background (Figure 2).

Step 4: To make the bias strips, set your machine for basting. Fold the bias strip approximately in thirds and baste down the center without stretching the strip. Press.

Step 5: With the long raw edge against the background, pin the bias strips in place over the marked petal lines. Be sure the ends extend into the circle about 1?2″ (1.3cm) so the circle will cover them. Stitch the bias strips in place along the long edges. Remove the basting.

Step 6: Press the circle template onto the wrong side one of the 41?2″ (11.4cm) white squares. Trace around the circle. Place the second white square right sides together with the first a and, using small stitches, stitch on the traced line. Trim the seam allowance to about 1?8″ (3mm). Carefully cut a slit in a of the circles and turn the piece right side out. Press.

Step 7: Place the circle at the center of the daisy, on the traced line, and stitch in place along the outer edge.

Note: If the green shows through too much, cut a third white circle about 1?4″ (6mm) smaller in diameter, and sandwich it in between the background and the center circle before stitching the circle in place.

Step 8: Press the pillow top, face down, into a thick towel. Layer the pillow top with the batting and muslin, and quilt as desired. The project shown has a quilted spiral in the center of the daisy and echo quilting inside and outside the daisy petals. Trim to 161?2″ (41.9cm) square.

Step 9: Turn 1 long raw edge on each of the pillow back pieces under twice, press, topstitch.

Step 10: Place the pillow front face up. Place the pillow back pieces with right sides facing the pillow front and the raw edges aligned with the pillow front raw edges.

Step 11: Using a 1?2″ (1.3cm) seam, sew through all lay- ers around all 4 sides. Clip the corners, turn and press.

Step 12: Insert the pillow form and admire your work!

You can also download a PDF copy of this pattern here.

Lines by Design CoverIf you love this daisy pillow and want to create similar projects then Lines by Design Quilts is the book for you! It features 12 quilts in varying sizes, plus runner, pillows and a wall-hanging. Lines by Design Quilts is available now. Purchase your copy on our website now.

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