Free Cross Stitch Charts | Celebration Plant Pokes


These brightly coloured plant pokes are very simple to create. They make a floral gift really special and you could change the words to suit the occasion.


Plant Pokes - charts






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You Will Need

1. Do not cut the stitching paper to size until the design has been embroidered. Stitch the design from the chart using two strands of stranded cotton (floss) for cross stitch and one strand for backstitch.

2. When all the stitching is complete, cut out the design two holes away from the stitching using pinking shears to create a decorative edge. Cut a piece of felt slightly larger than the design and glue it to the back. Allow to dry then attach the stick with glue and leave to dry.

These free cross stitch charts have been excerpted from Helen Philipps’ Cross Stitch Samplers & Cards, published by David & Charles.

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Free Cross Stitch Patterns