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Sewing PincushionWouldn’t it be wonderful to have a sewing angel who came and finished your long-overdue works in progress, worked her way through the mending pile and tidied your sewing space while she was at it? Stitch this pincushion with our free cross stitch chart and you’ll have your very own sewing angel to watch over you and keep your pins and needles safe!

This free cross stitch chart by Helen Philipps is excerpted from Cross Stitch Angels.

Stitch count
50 x 63

Design size
9 x 11.5cm (31/2 x 41/2in)

• Two pieces of 28-count linen in rose, each 16 x 20cm (61/4 x 8in)
Size 26 tapestry needle
DMC stranded cotton (floss) as listed in chart key
Polyester filling
• Twisted cord made from matching threads, 56cm (22in) long

1 Prepare the fabric for work, finding and marking the centre of the fabric. Begin stitching from the centre of the fabric and the centre of the chart.

2 Stitch over two linen threads using two strands of cotton (floss) for the whole and three-quarter cross stitches and one for the backstitches and outlines. Work the eyes and mouth in French knots using one strand.

3 To make up the pincushion press the work then place the backing fabric and embroidery right sides together and stitch round three sides. Trim the seams, clip the corners and turn right way out. Stuff firmly with polyester filling and sew up the fourth side.

4 Make a 56cm (22in) length of twisted cord from matching threads as follows. Cut lengths of stranded cotton (floss) about 168cm (66in) long. Knot the lengths together at one end and loop around a door handle. Knot the other ends of the strands together and pass a pencil through the loop. Keeping the threads taut, wind the pencil round and round so the cord twists, eventually coiling around itself. Bring the knotted ends together so both halves of the thread twist around one another. Gently pull and ease the cord until it is evenly twisted and then knot the ends together to stop them unravelling. Trim the ends beyond the knots, teasing the threads out with a pin to make mini tassels if you wish. To finish, slipstitch the cord all the way around the edge of the pincushion.

free cross stitch chart sewing angel

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