Free Bag Patterns | Childrens Laundry Bag

This perfectly-sized laundry bag is a cute addition to any child’s bedroom, with the added bonus of it acting as a storage container for special occasions, such as when Santa makes his annual visit to the house! These free bag patterns are easy to use, so children will be able to help.

free bag patterns

You Will Need:

Fabric for bag:

  • One piece 60cm x 45cm  (24in x 18in) We used Tanya Whelan Delilah Paisley Blue
  • Mother-of-pearl buttons
  • 1.5m (1¾yd) cord
  • Pink felt
  • Stranded cotton (floss) or yarn

1. Fold the fabric in half widthways, right sides facing; pin. Sew the sides together.

2. Make a channel at the top of the bag for the drawstring. Fold over the edge by 1cm (3?8in), press, then fold over again by 4cm (1½in). Pin, tack (baste), press. Stitch along the bottom edge of the folded fabric only, ensuring the channel is large enough to thread your cord through and leaving a 2cm (¾in) gap.

3. Turn the laundry bag right side out and thread the cord through the gap in the stitched channel.

4. Cut a simple shaped name label out of pink felt (approximately 15cm/6in or longer if necessary). Use tailor’s chalk to sketch out the child’s name then hand embroider over your outline using a decorative stitch of your choice (chain stitch for example) in stranded cotton or yarn as you prefer.

5. Pin the name label to the bag front and sew in place using a simple running stitch. Cut a wiggly line from the felt long enough to reach from the name label to the top of the bag. Pin and stitch through the centre of the shape. Add buttons to the name label for decoration.


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