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Spotty Dotty Apron

Apron Sewing Pattern

Go dotty for this versatile print apron that can be worn either at full length or as a skirt with the bib panel folded under. Complete with pretty pink ribbon tie and a handy pocket for recipes and utensils, you are sure to be the most stylish chef in the kitchen


  • 4 fat quarters of coordinating fabric: red large print, red with white dots, light blue with white dots, pink with white dots

Pattern notes

  • Seam allowance is 1/2in (1.2cm), unless stated otherwise

1 Cut a 19 × 20in (48 × 50cm) panel from red large print fabric and a 13 × 20in (33 × 50cm) panel from light blue fabric. With right sides together, stitch the panels together along the long edges.

2 Cut a 31 × 4in (79 × 10cm) panel from the pink fabric — you will need to piece this together to get the 31in (79cm) length.

3 With right sides together, stitch the pink panel to the bottom of the red/light blue panel. Hem the sides and bottom edge by ironing them in by 1/4in (6mm), then again by 1/4in (6mm), and machine stitching them in place. Fold this panel in half widthways and mark the centre front at the cut edge.

4 For the pocket, cut out an 11 × 61/2in (28 × 16.5cm) panel from the light blue fabric and an 11 × 4in (28 × 10cm) panel from  the pink fabric. With right sides facing, stitch the panels together along the long edges.

5 Iron the top edge of the pink panel under by 1/2in (1.2cm), then again by 1in (2.5cm), and stitch the hem in place. Iron the sides and bottom edges under by 1/2in (1.2cm).

6 Pin the pocket to the apron, 4in (10cm) down from the top edge. Align the right edge with the centre of the apron, which will be 3in (7.5cm) from the red and blue dot seam line. Stitch the pocket in place.

7 Using the red and white dot fabric, cut the apron bib template (see Templates) and transfer the waist centre front mark. To make the hem, iron the top edge under by 1/4in (6mm), then again by 1/4in (6mm), and stitch in place.Free Apron Sewing Pattern

8 Cut two 11/2 × 20in (4 × 50cm) strips from the red large print fabric and two 11/2 × 13in (4 × 33cm) strips from the pink fabric. Stitch a red and a pink strip together at one short end, then repeat for the second set. Iron the strips in half lengthways, then iron the outer edges into the fold to create two strips of binding.

9 Stitch the binding to the apron bib sides, matching the seam line of the red and pink fabrics with the top edge of the apron bib. Continue stitching up the binding to form the neck ties.

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