For The Love Of Pets | Monday Love List

Pets become members of the family and best friends to many. Whether you have a horse or dog, we often can’t image our lives without them.

To honour our love of pets and National Pet Month, we have 10 of our favourite cross stitch pets to stitch.

1 . Horse

cross stitch pets

The bond between a horse and their owner is so strong. There has to be to have that trust to ride them. So it is quite fitting that this kit from Heritage Crafts is called Best Friends.

2. Guinea Pig

cross stitch pets

Guinea pigs make lovely pets for young children, they are friendly and not too small. This Mama Guinea pig looks pleased as punch snuggled up to her two babies.

3. Lazy Cats

Lazy Cats

Look at these sleepy cats! They are like a little gang, sat on top of a fence have a doze in the midday sun!

4. Baby Rabbit

Baby Rabbit

Rabbits can be an indoor or an outdoor pet, they are so snuggly and squishy. This little kit from heritage crafts is lovely.

5. Parrot


I love this kit. It looks like a painting. And, although this grand looking parrot is shown in the wild, Parrots also make great, and often amusing, pets.

6. Hamster


Hamsters are many children’s first pet. They are gentle, sweet creatures that come in many different sizes. Fun fact: My first pet was a Hamster called Oliver!

7. Dog

Patchwork Dog

There is a very good reason why they say a dog is man’s best friend. Such loving animals. This patchwork dog designed exclusively for SewandSo is fab! Perfect for any Dachshund or dog lover.

8. Kittens

Rocking Kittens

It’s said that you are either a cat or a dog person. Well, how could you not love a cat looking at these gorgeous kittens? The vibrant colours of this kit is wonderful.  It’s a kit that would need to be framed.

9. Hedgehog


A slightly more obscure pet now. Hedgehogs, especially pygmy hedgehogs are becoming a more common household pet. Whether you fancy one of these prickly fellas or not, this kit is ever so sweet and would look lovely on various projects.

10. Scottie Dog

Scottie Dog

Scottie dogs are described as independent, intelligent, and hilarious. We agree. We love these little guys and that’s why we have fallen for this stunning kit by Hannah Dale. This kit needs to be stitched up to be seen in its full glory.

What pets do you have? Have you created a cross stitch version yet? If so, send us your pics, we would love to see. Comment below or tag us on social media using #SewandSo

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