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Recently I got an email from Nick, our Marketing exec, asking if I knew anyone in the office who wanted to show off their latest craft project. Well, I don’t think I have ever replied to an email as quickly as I have replied to that one. I wanted in!

I have wanted to complete the Amber Bee cross-stitch kit from Floss and Mischief since I saw them at the Knitting and Stitching show in London back in March, so this gave me the perfect opportunity to finally do it.

I have only completed a small handful of cross-stitch charts before, but when I saw all their bug cross-stitch patterns whilst at the show I was hooked and knew I had to complete one (or all) of them. I really like that their designs aren’t the normal sort of cross-stitch kits that you see out there and the bee instantly caught my eye. I am an extremely slow crafter so this took me about two weeks to complete just doing an hour to two hours a night whilst watching the TV. Don’t look too closely at the design, you’ll realise the legs are a stitch too long. Oops!

Floss and Mischief Amber Bee

Floss & Mischief came about because of an argument between Genevieve and her boyfriend. He wanted to fill the house with taxidermy and she said no but created cross-stitched beetles as a peace offering, and so Floss and Mischief was born. What a great way for a business to come about!

Now I have completed the Amber Bee, I would like to do more of their patterns and create a little collage of them for my hallway. The Orange Moth,  Red Beetle and the Float are all on my to-do list. I am not sure I could complete the Tawney Spider chart though; my fear of spiders put me on edge!

I hope you like what I have created. I am pretty happy with it and it will be going on my wall as both a lovely, weird cross-stitch and as a memory of my first staff makes!

Nadine x

Take a look at all Floss and Mischief’s weird an wonderful cross-stitch charts on the Sew and So website and show us your makes once they are complete on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and on the comments below.

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