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Flo’s Little Flowers is a beautiful range and has a Liberty-esqué feel to it. It is perfect for both large and small fabrics and can act as a blender.

The colour palette is gorgeous, it’s not the usual pastel colours that can be an easy go-to for a floral backing instead they are more rustic. It’s gone a couple shades darker and used darker colours to make the flowers pop and almost jump off the fabric towards you.

Flos' Little FlowersFlos' Little FlowersFlos' Little Flowers

See, aren’t they lush?

Because of the repetitive nature of the print on the fabric, this range is great for a wide range of projects, such as quilts, clothing, toys and bags. We have a couple of recommendations for you!

Flo's Little Flowers Project Ideas

(From left to right Top to bottom) This range would look beautiful as a patchwork quilt. It is so fun and above all an easy quilt to make that a little girl would adore. For a fashionable young lady, this Molly Purse is the perfect accessory for any party outfit. To go with the bag at the party you can’t go wrong with the iconic ra-ra skirt! Luckily, it’s so easy to make your little girl will be whirling and twirling around in no time. You can coordinate your little girls quilt with a matching lampshade. For the bedside table or main room light, or both! They are so easy to make and will create a super stylish feature to your girl’s room. And finally to top off the ultimate bedroom your little girl will have, create a patchwork cushion for their bed as well. Their room is going to be so stylish, you may have trouble getting them to leave it!

All these pattern ideas were taken from Little Lady Liberty, because of the style of this fabric all the patterns from this lovely book would suit this gorgeous floral fabric.

We love it and hope you do too. We’re dying to see what you make with it, so send us your pictures on the comments below, on Facebook, Twitter and tag us on Instagram.


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