Festival Bag Crochet Pattern

We are all about festivals this week and this bag, designed by Lisa Fordham, is the perfect accessory for the festival season – we love the granny square design and multicoloured colour scheme of this festival bag crochet pattern.

festival crochet bag


All yarn is DK:

Please note: this design can also be worked in one colour – you’ll need 2 x 100g balls of your chosen yarn.

Please note: this project uses US crochet terms.

1. This bag uses simple granny squares crochet. To make a granny square first make a chain of 6 stitches. Join the chain with a sl st to make a circle. Chain 3 and work 2dc into the circle. The chain plus 2 stitches make up the first group of dc stitches. Make 1 chain, work 3dc into the ring. Ch1, work 3dc into the circle, ch1, work 3dc into the circle. The circle now has four groups of 3dc worked into it. Join with a sl st into the top of the beginning chain 3. You should now have a complete first round. Sl st across the next 2 stitches and work into the corner space. Cut the yarn and secure it. Join a new colour if desired by tying a knot into any corner space. Ch3, work 2dc, ch1, 3dc into the corner space, ch1. Work 3dc, ch1 into the next corner space, ch1 – repeat this all the way around until you come back to the start of your new colour.

Each square is worked in two contrasting colours and measures about 8 x 8cm (3 x 3in). These nine squares form the pattern on each side – a total of 18 squares.

2. Lay the crocheted squares out to form the pattern and stitch in bands of three with the main colour yarn (I used purple). Then stitch those three bands together. Repeat for the other side of bag. With right sides together, crochet round three sides using dc. Keep one side open (the top of your bag). Using dc, work your way around the top of the bag (both sides) to add three rows.

3. Make a strap by crocheting a chain of 10 stitches. Then, working across the chain, make a dc into each of the chains, turning and repeating until the strap is about 100cm (40in) long. With the bag inside out sew your strap down 2cm (3?4in) from the top of the bag.

4. To make the fringe, cut a piece of 12cm (43?4in) stiff card (or however long you want your fringe to be) and loop the yarn around the card ten times. Take the looped yarn off the card. Using the natural spaces at the bottom of your bag, thread the loops through the space then open out the loops and thread one end through the other and pull down to secure. When you have done enough to fill all the spaces (I did 13 loops) pull the yarn down flat and cut the loops at the bottom.

5. Make a simple lining using a contrasting fabric. Measure your bag, then measure out a piece of fabric double the width of your bag and with 2cm (3?4in) extra on the height. With right sides together, machine stitch along the bottom and side of your fabric. Fold down the top of the fabric by 2cm (3?4in) and steam iron. Insert the lining bag inside the crochet bag. Secure with pins and finish by sewing the lining in place. Remove the pins and press the sewn top.

Crochet abbreviations

Be aware that crochet terms in the US are different from those in the UK. This can be confusing as the same terms are used to refer to different stitches under each system. The list here gives abbreviations and a translation of US terms to UK terms.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 16.23.41

Let us know what festival crafts you’re making and how you get on. Leave a comment below or post photos on our Facebook page!


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