Felt Fantastic | Jungle Mobile Project

We’re really excited to have this exclusive free jungle mobile project to accompany Sarah Tremelling’s new book Felt Fantastic! Felt is so easy to work with and there are lots of different things you can make. This jungle mobile, designed by Morven Jones, would make a perfect gift for any new arrival.

Every home should have a mobile – they are a wonderful way to bring movement into a static environment, take the imagination on a trip and entertain little people. I’ve yet to meet a crying baby who fails to be distracted by a mobile (at least for a moment!). Add bells and you’ve got a wind-chime!

Felt FantasticYou will need


1. Glue one end of the green ribbon to the polystyrene ring and wrap it around the ring until it is covered. Glue the ribbon in place.

2. Using the templates provided, cut out the animal shapes. From the scraps of felt, cut out some ‘pattern’ shapes to decorate the animals with. Cut out six green leaves using the different shades in the stack and also from the 25cm (10in) square. If there are any scraps left over you could cut smaller leaves to fill gaps or decorate the hanging strings.

3. Using the PVA glue, add the pattern shapes and googly eyes to the animals. You could use beads or buttons to decorate them if you prefer – we used tiny seed beads to decorate the snake and crocodile. To create the tails, tie a knot in the end of a length of embroidery thread. Using a sharp darning needle, thread a felt ball along and down to the knot. Stitch it onto the tail end of the animal and fasten off at the length required.

4. Cut five lengths of embroidery thread, each about 40cm–50cm (16in–20in). For each one, tie a knot in the end and then thread on a jingle bell (if you’re using them). Now thread on each of the animals plus three or four felt balls (and small offcut leaves if you have any) in whatever combination you fancy. Leave about 3cm–4cm (1¼in–1½in) between each object – the texture of the felt will hold it all in place. Leave enough thread at the top to allow it to be tied around the polystyrene ring.

Felt Fantastic Jungle Mobile5. Cut the green felt cord into three equal lengths. Tie each one around the ring and tie them together at the top to form a hanger. Tie the strings of animals around the ring.

6. To finish the mobile, arrange and glue the larger leaves around the top of the ring to cover the knotted strings.

Pick up your copy of Felt Fantastic for more fun felt projects and ideas. Buy now and get the PDF eBook for free, so you can start crafting straight away!

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