Free Felt Chain Project

These fun and festive felt chains from Happy Stitch by Jodie Rackley are a great festive project to get the kids involved with. Coordinate colours to fit your theme. Perfect for Christmas decorations or birthday parties, this felt chain project is fun to make and a great project for all levels.

You Will Need:
• 7 different colours of felt• Glue
• Stranded embroidery cotton (floss)


multicoloured felt

1. Cut a 20.3cm x 3.2cm rectangle out of heavy paper to use as a template. Each link in the chain will require two strips of felt. One felt sheet will yield approximately nine strips of felt, and you will need about sixty strips to create a 60in (152.4cm) chain. For quicker cutting, make extra templates and pin them to the entire sheet of felt so when you are finished with one strip, you are ready to cut the next. Use at least two different colours of felt for each of the links (colours representing holidays, your favourite sports team, etc.) or use varying shades of one colour for another neat effect.

2. Use felt glue to glue together the various strips of felt, alternating colours as the example shows or gluing two strips of the same colour to make each link. Apply a thin line of glue close to each edge for almost the entire length of the strip, leaving about a 13mm at one end of the strip free of glue. Press another felt strip firmly on top to adhere them together,. Let all strips dry before moving on to the next step.

3. To start making the chain, make a loop with the first felt strip. Sandwich the glued end in between the two layers of the unglued end. Sew three cross stitches to sew the ends together in a loop (stitch out from the inside of the link). Loop the next felt strip through he loop you just stitched closed. Sandwich the glued end between the unglued end layers, and complete the three cross stitches to close the link. Repeat until your chain is the desired length.

homemade christmas tree decorations

Happy StitchThis project was excerpted from Happy Stitch, 30 Hand-Sewn Projects for Everyday, by Jodie Haffa Rackley, which is available to buy in our online shop.



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