Free Felt Advent Calendar Pattern

‘Tis the season to be festive and with this free felt advent calendar pattern designed by Charlotte Addison, your house will look ready for Christmas! Made very simply using coloured felt sheets, little felt birds count down to the big day and a decorated wooden peg shows you how many days there are to go. This could easily be made in different colours to count down to any other celebration or holiday too.

free advent calendar pattern

You Will Need:

• Felt Advent Calendar Pattern
• Felt
Baby blue
• Dark blue stranded cotton (floss) (DMC 939)
3m (3¼yd) brown hemp cord
• 12 buttons
• Small wooden peg


1. Cut out 25 2.5cm (1in) squares in white felt. Number each 1 to 24, and embroider the numbers in backstitch using two strands of dark blue stranded cotton.

2. Using the templates cut out 12 pairs of hearts and 12 pairs of birds from the ruby, green, baby blue and grey felt (six pairs from each colour). Sew the numbered squares onto one of each pair, alternating between hearts and birds.

3. Take the un-numbered hearts and birds and pin them to their matching numbered pair. You should end up with 12 hearts and 12 birds, numbered 1 to 24.

4. Make a loop with the first 35.5cm (14in) of cord and knot. Thread the unlooped end through a tapestry needle. Thread through the shape numbered 1 from the top and pull through until it is at the looped end; knot the cord to secure. Leave 4cm (1½in) and knot the cord again.

5. Thread on the remaining shapes in numerical order (2, 3, 4, etc), making knots in between each as in step 4. To finish, trim any excess cord and embellish the hearts by sewing on a button at the top of each. Mark the day with a little wooden peg.

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