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Here at SewandSo, we feel conflicted. On the one hand, we are experiencing gorgeous summer weather at the moment, which is amazing. On the other hand, we want the winter!

We love winter crafts and we’re starting our Christmas cross stitch charts and other crafts too. While thinking about this week’s Freebie Friday I came across quite a humorous compromise… Summer Santa!

Christmas is a world-wide occasion and these fun designs acknowledge that many people spend it in brilliant sunshine, with barbecues on the beach instead of mulled wine by the fire while snow falls outside. These motifs can be made a little smaller by working them on 16-count Aida instead of 14-count.

I don’t know about you, but for me, this is a great way to stitch Christmas charts, while still enjoying the glorious late summer weather we are enjoying at the moment.

You will need (for one coaster)

Each character makes a separate coaster.

1 Prepare for work. Start stitching from the centre of the fabric and charted motif (charts overleaf) and work outwards over one Aida block using two strands of stranded cotton for cross stitch and French knots and one strand for backstitch.

2 Fuse iron-on interfacing to the wrong side
of the design according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Using the back plate of the coaster as a guide, trim the fabric so the design fits into the coaster, making sure the design is central. Insert the design into the coaster and push the back plate into place.

A Cross Stitchers Countdown to ChristmasThis project has been excerpted from A Cross Stitchers Countdown to Christmas.

In this festive eBook, eight popular cross stitch designers have come together to bring readers the Cross Stitchers Countdown to Christmas. A ready resource of festive cross stitch motifs, each of the 25 chapters provides an inspirational way to create charming cards, beautiful keepsakes and delightful items for the home. Designs range from the classic to the contemporary and many are ideal to stitch in an evening or a weekend – perfect for that busy time of year. With clear colour charts, photographs and easy-to-follow stitching instructions, readers will be well on their way to stitching something special this Christmas.

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