Fantastic Fantasy Cross Stitch Kits That Are Irresistible

Fantasy cross stitch kits are among some of our favourite kits to stitch. They are full of mesmerizing colours, enchanting creatures and draw you into another world.

Here are some of our favourite fantasy cross stitch kits that we think you will love too.

1 Cut Thru range from Bothy Threads

Cut Thru Magic School Cut Thru Pirate Ship Cut Thru Princess Palace

These kits are so much fun, the Magic School is filled with young witches and wizards casting spells and strange creatures! The Pirate Ship is like every pirate story wrapped into one. Featuring pirates, cannons, treasure and even a ships cat. It is full of adventure. The Princess Palace is a fairy tale. Her carriage is parked round back, there is a cauldron with a spinning wheel and her Prince, who has scaled the palace walls to kiss his love.  Can you spot the hidden snail in each kit?

2 Gorjuss range from Bothy Threads

Hush Little Bunny The Scarf

The Gorjuss brand is, well, gorgeous! With thought provoking titles and a little girl with a picture of innocence they evoke strong emotions. While not the traditional fantasy kits that you may think of the deep colours of The Scarf, and that bunny with the cross eyes in Hush Little Bunny places these kits perfectly in this category.

3 Mystical Dragon

Mystical Dragon

The Mystical Dragon kit from Janlynn is very striking. The pink and silver dragon puffing out her chest surrounded by a beautiful gold border and stitched on black Aida is outstanding.

4 Aurora Cabin

Aurora Cabin

Worked on to 16 count Dove Grey Aida, the Northern Lights swirl beautifully above a snowy cabin in the woods. The aurora borealis are magical, you can’t help but be captivated by them as they dance around the sky.

5 Enchanting Fairy

Enchanting Fairy

The silhouette of a fairy is illuminated by the spark from her wand in this beautiful cross stitch kit. The ombre effect created in the white to the blues and then black create a light effect that is is spectacular. This is probably one of my favourite fantasy cross stitch kits.

6 Red Mermaid

Red Mermaid

From old fisherman’s tales, Peter Pan to The Little Mermaid, Mermaids have cemented themselves into fairy tales as spellbinding beautiful woman who can lure you to the depths of the ocean. The Red Mermaid from RTO is worked on blue aida and looks like a painting with splashes of colour making up the scales in her tail and flowers attached to her flowing wild red locks.

7 The Lavender Fairy

The Lavender Fairy

This cute little Lavender Fairy is clutching onto a lavender plant while a butterfly watches over her. With her lavender dress as well she looks quite the part.

8 Day Surrendering To Night

These angles create a Ying and Yang of night and day as they embrace each other. The detail on the wings would be a joy to stitch, it would have to be framed and hung where you can see it frequently.

What is your favourite fantasy cross stitch kit? Are you working on any at the moment? We’d love to see them. Comment below or tag us on social using #SewandSo

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