Fair Isle Knitting Pattern | Cosy Leg warmers

Keep warm this winter with a pair of gorgeous, cosy leg warmers. These are made with a Fair Isle knitting pattern which makes them extra special. The multi-coloured pattern makes them the perfect yarn stash buster — perfect for thrifty January!

You will need:

  • 100g double knitting wool in main colour (beige)
  • 25g double knitting wool in each of 9 contrast colours (navy, terracotta, mustard, dark green, olive green, bright green, ochre, red, bright yellow)
  • Pair 3.75mm (No 9) needles
  • Pair 3mm (No 11) needles

pattern revisedNote

These legwarmers are made from double knitting wool, but as only 25g of each of the contrast colours are needed, skeins of 4 ply tapestry wool or oddments of wool left over from other work could be used and the pattern bands made up in colours of your choice.


  • Length 56cm (22in)
  • Round calf 31cm (12in)


  • 25 sts and 27 rows to 10cm (4in) over patt worked on 3/4mm needles

 Pattern repeat 8 sts and 94 rows


With 3mm needles and 1st contrast (navy) cast on 79 sts.

Row 1: *K2, P2, rep from * to last 3 sts. K3.

Row 2: P3 *P2, K2 rep from * to end of row

Repeat row 1.

Change to 2nd contrast (terracotta), work 3 more rows in rib.

Change to 3rd contrast (mustard), work 3 more rows in rib.

Change to main colour (beige), cont in rib until work measures 12 cm (43/4in), inc 3 sts evenly along last row (82 sts)

Change to 4th contrast (dark green) and work from patt on chart beg at row 1 and working without shaping to row 42.

Keeping patt correct, dec 1 st at each end of every 6th row until 68 sts rem.

Change to 3mm needles and contrast colour of your choice.

Work in K2, P2 rib for 5cm (2in).

Change to 2nd contrast (terracotta), work 3 more rows in rib.

Change to 5th contrast (olive green), work 3 more rows in rib.

Cast off.


Sew ribbing with matching yarn making a flat seam.

Sew up rest of back seam carefully matching pattern.

Have you tried any knitted leg warmer or Fair Isle knitting patterns? Leave a comment below or post photos of your makes on our Facebook page!


This project was excerpted from Fair Isle Knitting by Patty Knox.

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