Suffolk Puff Fabric Necklaces

Pretty felt and fabric necklaces are a fabulous way to use new and bold fabrics with mix and match felt. Dorothy Wood teaches you to make these statement jewellery pieces with this step-by-step fabric necklace project.

Fabric Necklaces

You Will Need:

Suffolk Puff Fabric Necklaces Instructions:

1. Draw three circles onto the reverse side of the fabric twice the size you need for each puff — 8cm (3½in) diameter is a good size. Cut out along the lines.

2. Tie a knot on the end of a length of sewing thread. Stitch around the edge of a fabric circle using a small running stitch. Pull the thread to gather the fabric to create a puff and sew in the ends to secure.

3. Draw a 2cm (¾in) diameter circle onto the pink and blue felt.

4. Cut just inside the line using ordinary scissors for one circle; cut the other circle out just outside the line with pinking shears.

5. Layer the felt onto the gathered side of the puff and sew a small button in place. Repeat to make two more embellished puffs.

6. Stitch the puffs onto a 50cm (20in) length of chain. Stitch with the chain going across above the middle so that the puffs hang flat and don’t fall forward. Use a jump ring to attach the fastening to one end of the chain and add a jump ring at the other end to finish.

These suffolk puff fabric necklaces make beautiful gifts year round and will always be a source of compliments to any outfit! Visit our designer fabric section today!


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