Enjoy a slice of fabric cake | sewing tutorial

This fabric cake tutorial by Ellen Kharade is a lasting reminder of the birthday celebration and can be used long after the event as a useful pincushion. There are two sweet designs to choose from.

You Will Need

  • fabric cake tutorialWhite felt
  • Patterned fabric
  • Pink felt flowers
  • Pink ribbon
  • Pink ric rac
  • Small pompoms
  • Green and pink pearl and seed beads
  • Piece of foam 5cm (2in) deep


 Download the template here


1. Use the template to make patterns for the cake top, side, base and back. Place the cake top pattern on top of the foam, aligning one edge with the edge of the foam; draw around the shape and use a craft knife to cut along the marked lines.

2. Using the patterns, cut a cake top from patterned fabric, and cut two sides, one base and one back from white felt.

3. With right sides facing, pin the long side of the patterned fabric to the long side of one of the felt side pieces. Machine stitch in place. Now pin the other long side of the patterned fabric to the long side of the second felt side piece, and again machine stitch in place. Pin the felt back piece to the short side of the patterned fabric and machine stitch as before. Pin the side seams together, and once again machine stitch in place to complete the cover.

4. Pull the cover over the foam. Place the felt base beneath the foam; pin the seams and hand stitch. To hide the join, hand sew ric rac across the fabric change.

5. To decorate the cake slice, hand sew a length of ribbon around the edge making sure that it is centred; and embellish the top with pearl and seed beads, felt flowers and small pompoms cut in half.

This project appears in the beautiful book 101 Ways to Stitch Craft Create for All Occasions.

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