Emily Peacock Talks Tapestry & Her Homespun Range

Emily Peacock’s contemporary tapestry designs are the perfect mix of modern typography and vintage styling. We’re thrilled to have Homespun, her new range for DMC, in store now. These designs are sure to add the wow factor to your home.

You may be very aware of Emily’s work, she has been on Kirstie’s Handmade Home, in The Observer, The Sunday Times Style magazine or most recently at Liberty where she is helping to reopen their haberdashery department. However, if you are new to her work Emily has been incredibly kind and written a guest post for us all about her work in Tapestry and her new Homespun range.

Let's Stay In Tapestry CushionTapestry really refers to a textile woven on a loom, but in the UK this is what we call work stitched in tent stitch onto canvas. Tapestry (‘needlepoint’ in the US) is a very straightforward hobby that does not require a high degree of skill and is hugely relaxing and therapeutic due to its repetitive nature. It involves working diagonal stitches to cover the canvas and you simply colour in using different wools.

Ideally you should work your tapestry on a frame. This is an investment, but I guarantee that once you buy a frame you will use it again and again as you become hooked to creating beautiful designs. The reason for a frame is to keep the canvas tight as you work – the diagonal stitches tend to diagonally distort the canvas, but a frame keeps your work taut.

There are so many new and exciting designs coming on the market these days. For a long time tapestry was a bit of an ignored area with a rather staid reputation, but the craft is being taken up with a new enthusiasm that is very much design led. Quite a few years ago I decided to put my background in Graphic Design into this form and began creating bright, bold designs with an emphasis on colour and often typography. My new range for DMC is a perfect example of this – designs that have a vintage and sentimental feel to them, but a modern approach in terms of colour and layout, making them look at home in a contemporary or traditional setting.

Always Come Back to Me Tapestry Cushion Home is where the heart is tapestry cushion Love dwells here tapestry cushion

Handmade items are so relevant today. The World is feeling more and more corporate and mass produced. Items are bought and thrown away because so many things are cheap to replace. A handmade item, however, shows human activity. It adds soul, softness and character. This is why I adore tapestry and I am delighted that so many more people are discovering this very rewarding craft.

Shop Emily Peacock’s new range for DMC in store today and you can have your very own Homespun home decor.

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