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Hand embroidery adds a really personal touch to handmade projects. There are numerous embroidery stitches that can be used to decorate your designs, and the variety of motifs available is endless! If you’re looking for gifts, decorations or accessories to make that include embroidery, Mandy Shaw’s designs are perfect.

embroidery stitchesThere are so many embroidery stitches to try, and if you’re looking for a great resource book check out The Stitch Bible by Kate Haxell. For project ideas, Mandy Shaw’s three embroidery books are really inspirational! Stitch with Love is a great place to start with simple stitches and a range of embroidery motifs. Stitch at Home features a colourful mix of designs, all themed on aspects of home life. And Mandy’s latest book, Celebrate with a Stitch, includes over 20 gorgeous project ideas for all occasions. If you’re a beginner, here are some of the best embroidery stitches to start with:

embroidery stitchesBackstitch is perfect for creating shapes and outlines. Once mastered you can use backstitch to ‘draw’ anything on to fabric. It takes some practise to get neat and even stitches, but uneven stitches can often look more quirky and handmade.

Blanket stitch is a great border stitch. It adds a decorative edge to felt or fabric motifs that are appliqued on to projects.

embroidery stitchesCross stitch is most often seen worked in groups to create pictures, and is usually worked on aida or canvas. Mandy uses individual cross stitches to add decoration to her embroidery designs.

Chain stitch is a series of looped stitches interlinked to form a chain-like pattern. It can be used to create a thick stitched lines, but can also be stitched in a circle to form lazy daisy stitch.

Get your copy of Celebrate with a Stitch today and you can download the PDF edition for free to enjoy the book immediately! And for more great embroidery stitchesproject ideas for using embroidery stitches, check out Mandy’s other books, Stitch with Love and Stitch at Home.

Have you tried hand embroidery? What are your favourite embroidery stitches? Tell us your thoughts and share photos of your embroidery projects on our Facebook page!

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