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Stay on top of your game with our monthly dose of embroidery Instagram inspiration designed to flood your feed with colour and creativity while building community and improving your chances of being reposted…

Collage of nine instagram embroidery finds including tapestry, counted canvas and thread painting
Top Row L-R: @tapestry.girl @artweave_originals @curiouslystitched, Middle Row L-R: @finchandfloss @mizzbl, Bottom Row L-R: @amamayes @crafty.alice @chelletextiles
Upping your social media game is tricky especially when it comes to finding quality hashtags to add to your posts and like-minded folks to connect with. So, we asked Shannan from Bobbin & Fred to take up the mantel and scour all of the thread-related accounts to bring you effortless treasures.


Shannan has put together a selection of fun embroidery Instagram hashtags and beautiful hand stitch posts to inspire your craftsy souls and make your embroidered hearts sing this May. As well as all of that, she’s added­ in her favourite from the images posted under our hashtag. Tag your photos with #SewandSo for a chance to be featured next time!


Over to Shannan.

My favourite thing about Instagram is the international community. Whether someone’s cross stitching in Atlanta or sewing whitework in Zanzibar we’re all side-by-side on Instagram. I’ve connected with local stitchers I hadn’t heard of despite them only being a few miles from home as well as keen embroiderers in far flung corners of the world that have encouraged me to look at stitch in a different ways; as means of expression and as a medium like paint. In the up and coming months I’m going to travel the world via embroidery artists on Instagram and share my discoveries here with you all. This month I’m off to Australia!

Tapestry Girl aka Niki McDonald is sewing as she road-trips across Australia and she’s been stitching in some beautiful spots, Niki even stitches on the beach! If you haven’t come across Tapestry Girl before she is street art’s answer to sewing, she creates dramatic plus-size portraits using hand stitch and spray paints, fusing vivid palettes and harsh black lines with the softness of yarn and stitch. They look so tactile, I want to reach in and touch. Head on over to see how she balances the sass of urban life with the pace of needlepoint tapestry to funky results and follow her stitching adventures.

2. Sydney based Natalie Fisher of Artweave Originals uses tapestry stitch and yarn to create life-size renditions of Moorish tiles designs. Her inspiration comes from her travels around Morocco and the mosaics she saw there. Recently this journey has seen Natalie recreate a full scale door in hand stitch and she’s currently working on a stitched version of a tiled fountain. The scale of Natalie’s work is awe-inspiring while the way she applies the stitches, recreating areas of light and dark, is stunning and very much like an artist would apply paint.

3. You’ve heard of a handmade wardrobe, how about a hand embroidered wardrobe? Mel Horton of Curiously Stitched has just finished lovingly embroidering this denim shirt with a pretty orange flower design in Sydney. She didn’t stop at the back either, you can see the cute detailing on the front pockets over on her account. The contrast of orange and indigo blue works beautifully and I for one am eying up my denim jacket and thinking about all of the ways I could embroider it and the colours that would work best.

4. We’re in Brisbane next visiting Dyani of Little Deer Studio. Dyani uses hand sewing techniques to bind journals and her sewing machine to appliqué paper patchwork covers for them. I so admire Dyani’s creation story; her stationery business came about after she gave up the financial security provided by a job she didn’t enjoy to nurture her creative spirit. It was worth the leap of faith, Dyani’s business is solvent and last year she was able to donate 10% of her earnings to AusNep, a charity she’s passionate about. Read more about Dyani’s move into indie business here.

5. #artvartist has made a resurgence this year with lots of artists from around the globe joining in, including South Australian based Lauren of Finch and Floss. Lauren creates beautiful and intriguing hand embroideries inspired by flora and fauna. My favourite piece is of a dragonfly, it has the most beautiful chain stitched wings and every time I see it I admire the great choice of stitch to represent the cellular look of the insect’s wings. Explore the hashtag to unearth a myriad of talented artists of all disciplines and join in to show the Instagram community the face behind your fibre art.


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6. Busted! This one isn’t from an Australian stitch designer. That gorgeous azure sea and white sandy beach may look like Bryon Bay but is in fact Bournemouth! Beth Lockwood is a cross stitch fanatic and made the cut because May is also home to #30for30crafting where I found this photo of her WiP. The hashtag was started by Jess aka Crafting Geek to encourage us all to spend 30 minutes for 30 days in May working on a creative project. Jess has more info about how to join in here. I’m late to the challenge but I’m going to get stuck in anyway, will you join me?

7. Ann-Marie Anderson-Mayes is an embroidery designer, silk thread dyer and sewing teacher who creates designs that explore the ways in which stitch and math intersect. This colourful piece is a smorgasbord of beautiful stitches and vibrant colours and, is the result of one of her classes. Ann-Marie also uses her stitched canvases to create 3D pieces, including a beautifully fashioned chaise lounge pin cushion that’s well worth a look! Ann-Marie is currently sharing photos from a sewing cruise she’s teaching on that’s sailing from Sydney to Seattle and back again, the view from the ship’s classroom is breathtaking.

8. Every month I share my favourite photo by you tagged with #SewandSo. This month I’ve chosen this bird sampler by Alice Phimister of Crafty Alice. Alice made this for her grandparents’ Diamond Wedding Anniversary and chose birds because her grandad loves them and cross stitch because her nan introduced her to needlework. It’s such a thoughtful gift and I’m certain they’ll be truly touched and delighted with it.

9. This vibrant floral delight is by Michelle Mischkulnig, an Australian based textile artist using silk painting, machine embroidery and hand embellishment techniques to create pieces that are evocative of the natural world. Rather than attempting to capture a realistic image Michelle expresses how she feels in her heart. Her stitching is intuitive and each piece evolves over time by building layers of mixed media until she’s satisfied with the result, reminding us all to follow our hearts not our heads when we stitch.

Use #SewandSo to show us your embroidery Instagram posts. We love being inspired by your creativity! Whether you’re sewing a kit, taking part in a sew along or embroidering your own design with supplies from SewandSo, tag us in your photo to be featured here. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and stay up to date with all our needlework news.

If you’ve enjoyed this month’s finds you may like to check out Top Nine Needlecraft Instagram Finds this March and Top Nine Instagram Embroidery Finds This April. If you’re bang up to date Shannan will be back with more Instagram inspiration in June!

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