How to Make | Retro Friendship Bracelets

These retro-style string bracelets are rainbow bright – they’re the perfect accessory to wear at festivals, the beach, or anywhere else you might be this summer! Choose bright, vivid colours, add birthstone beads for a personal touch, and you have the perfect gift.

String BraceletsYou Will Need:

  • 8mm glass faceted beads (we used Topaz)
  • 9 shades of stranded cotton(floss) in red, orange, yellow and green
  • Two birthstone beads


Here’s how to make the retro friendship bracelets…

1. Select nine shades of stranded cotton in yellow, orange, red and green. Measure a length of each colour to 3m (3¼yd), cut and fold in half. Gather all together and tie a knot. Plait 3cm (1?in) and then add a birthstone bead. Arrange the colours in your desired formation, laying out in the same order twice.

2. Take the thread that is second in from the right, double knot it over thread on the right. Take the thread now third from the right and double knot over each of the threads on the right. Do this for all threads until all moved to the far right.

3. Place a bead onto six of the threads; evenly space.Take the thread second from the left, double knot over the thread on the left. Work all of the threads in this way until all have moved to the far left.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3. Place beads on six threads (you should have three rows of beads now).

5. Gather threads, keeping beads in place, and plait. Place a birthstone bead onto the plaited length. Knot after 3cm (1?in) adjusting as necessary to fit. Trim off the excess threads.

This project has been excerpted from 101 Ways to Stitch Craft Create.

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