Tattoo-Inspired Embroidered Heart Brooch

This striking embroidered heart brooch designed by Louise Scott, is based on an old school vintage tattoo flash. It’s a fab quick-to-stitch project that would be a perfect gift for a friend. All you need is some felt, thread and stuffing and some simple hand stitches!

Tattoo Inspired Embroidered Heart Brooch
Simple to stitch, this fun vintage tattoo-inspired embroidered heart brooch looks fab on a denim shirt or jacket. Sew cool!



1. To make your brooch, use the templates (click the link to download) to cut out two heart-shaped pieces of red felt and one banner-shaped piece of white felt.

2. Place and pin the banner onto one of the heart shapes, and sew on using small hand stitches in white thread.

3. Embroider your lettering onto the banner with black thread using backstitch. Use a doubled strand as this makes the lettering look bolder. If you’re a whizz at hand embroidery you could try a more ornate lettering style, but we’ve kept it simple with a classic effect.

4. Sew a brooch back or safety pin onto the other heart shape. Make sure your stitching is really secure as you don’t want the brooch to fall off!

5. Sew both heart pieces together with red thread using blanket stitch (click the link to see our YouTube video tutorial for blanket stitch). Remember to leave a gap for the stuffing. Add the stuffing a little at a time, and then sew up the gap to finish the project.

Tattoo Inspired Embroidered Heart Brooch

Simple yet so effective! Have you made an embroidered heart brooch? We’d love to see it – please share your photos with us on Facebook or Instagram or let us know in the comments below.

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