Embroidered Felt Tree Decorations

Embroidered felt tree decorations free tutorial

Nancy Nicholson is the undisputed queen of folk-style embroidery. We adore Nancy’s little embroidered felt tree decorations – they are perfect for Christmas but also cute enough for all year round. Made from simple materials – felt and floss – you can have fun playing with different colours and patterns and see what you can create.

To make these felt tree decorations you will need:

Embroidered felt tree decorations free tutorial

Making the tree decorations:

  1. Trace the circle templates onto thin card and cut out, carefully marking which are to be cut from foam and which from felt.
  2. Use a pencil to draw around the relevant card templates onto foam and cut out, and mark and cut out the circles from your chosen felt colours.
  3. Embroider the designs on your felt tree decorations using three strands of the embroidery thread or make up your own combinations of stitches. Embroider your design using the stitch suggestions displayed below. You can refer to our Stitch Library videos for instructions for working different embroidery stitches.
  4. Sandwich a foam shape in between two felt shapes and slip stitch all around the edge. Fold a 6cm (2½in) length of tape in half and incorporate it into the seam to make a hanging loop.
  5. For extra sparkle, sew seed beads around the edge of the felt tree decorations.

Embroidered felt tree decorations free tutorial

If you loved these beautiful felt decorations, take a look at Nancy Nicholson’s stunning book Modern Folk Embroidery. Packed with gorgeous designs, you’ll soon fall in love with hand embroidery in this folk-art style and be embroidering everything from bags to table runners, brooches to framed pictures. You can either buy the printed book or download the ebook today.

You can also learn more about Nancy on our YouTube channel, when we hung-out with her to talk about the book. Watch our webchat below.

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