Trend Alert: Embroidered Denim

The latest trend to cross the divide from craft to fashion, embroidered denim can be found everywhere this season, from the catwalk to the high street, and we can’t get enough of it!

Embroidered denim mood board

From Dolce & Gabbana to Top Shop, embroidered denim is everywhere – on jeans, jackets, skirts, shirts, bags… you name it. And the media is taking notice too – never has embroidery received more column inches, with sources as diverse as Vogue and the Telegraph writing about this trend.

DIY embroidered denim

But for those of us who love to craft, getting this look is a step closer with some basic embroidery skills. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite DIY embroidered denim from around the web to inspire you. Then read on for our top tips for embroidering on denim…

embroidered denim

Cheeky! We love these rainbow bottom jeans by Lockhart Emmbroidery.

embroidered denim

This embroidered shirt by MsZinski is simply stunning.

embroidered denim

This incredible bag by IriSribbon is made from an old pair of jeans and embellished with ribbon embroidery.

embroidered denim Embroidered denim

Love with these jeans and this dress by Tessa Perlow, and in fact pretty much in love with everything this talented lady does!

embroidered denim

The cure button details on this hand embroidered jacket by Hodge Podge Farm lift it to a new level.

How to embroider on denim by hand

Hand embroidering on denim is not as easy as embroidery on other fabrics – the thickness of the fabric is definitely a challenge, but the results are total worth it. Here’s what you’ll need to make a success of it.

Embroidery hoopEmbroidery hoop

If you want to embroider jeans, you’ll need a small hoop that you can get down the leg and position where you want it. A larger hoop can be used on jackets or skirts, but beware of stretch – denim is much stretchier than you think so a smaller hoop is recommended so that you’re working only a small area at a time and the fabric can’t distort as much.


You’ll need a good strong needle with a sharp point for this kind of embroidery. We recommend a Size 8 crewel needle, and also a thimble to avoid stabbing yourself!

Thread/flossDMC stranded cottons

You can used whatever threads you like here, but the stranded cottons will give you the nice matt effect that is most on-trend. Use at least three strands in the needle on denim.

Stitch ripper

If you want to embroider a back pocket, it might be best to use this handy tool to remove the pocket, then embroider it and then stitch it back on with your sewing machine.


If you want you can add some crystal beads or sequins to your embroidery to give it a bit more bling!

Transfer materials

If you’re working from a pattern you’ll need to transfer it onto the denim. Read our technique post on how to do this here.


If you’re not keen on the idea of all that embroidery, why not try some ready-made motifs that can simply be ironed on to give you a similar look? We love these roses butterflies – how great would they look, and how simple?!

  embroidered denim motifsEmbroidered denim motifs


DMC Embroidery Magic Paper Kits 

If you’re looking for an easy way to embroider your clothes then we have great embroidery kits for you. New in with DMC – they have created stunning Embroidery Magic Paper Kits which is making embroidery even easier to do. All you’ve got to do is cut out the pattern, stick it to the fabric of your choice, and start stitching! When your DIY is done, rinse it all off – the magic paper will dissolve in a few seconds, and you’ll be left with your wonderful cross stitch piece.

Flower Collection Embroidery Magic Paper Kit Flower Collection Embroidery Magic Paper Kit

Don’t forget to check out our video Stitch Library for over 30 embroidery stitch tutorials in HD close-up! And let us know whether you’ll be rocking the embroidered denim look in the comments below.

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