Button Embroidery Faces

Looking for cute button embroidery projects? Look no further! They don’t get cuter than these button embroidery faces by Kirsty Neale. Customise these buttons to make them look like your friends, family and co-workers.

button embroideryYou Will Need:

  • Black, red and grey stranded cotton (floss)


Button Embroidery Directions:

1. Using a vanishing fabric marker, draw around your button onto a piece of thin card, and cut out. Use the card circle as a template, and trace around it onto cream fabric. Draw a face inside the circle.

2. Embroider over the details of the face with one or two strands of the stranded cotton. Use a small back-stitch, with french knots for details like eyes or freckles.

3. Cut out any extra pieces, for example hair from brown felt, or fabric or ribbon to make bows. Glue or stitch into place.

4. Trim the cream fabric into a circle a little larger all around than the marked face. Sew a gathering stitch around the edges. Place the button face down in the centre, and pull the thread ends to gather the fabric around it. Tie a knot to secure.

5. Push the back piece of the button into place to hold everything together and hide the raw edges. Use your finished buttons on clothing and papercraft projects, or attach to jewellery findings to make a cute brooch, hairclip or ring.


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One thought on “Button Embroidery Faces

  1. GREAT idea! I am a genealogist/family historian, and always looking for new ideas to make art with my family history collections! Love buttons as well, and can’t wait to get started on these! Thanks for sharing! PJ/Missouri/USA