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Elizabeth HartmanElizabeth Hartman is a quilter and pattern designer from over the pond in the US. Her quilts are instantly recognisable and loved all over the world and we are thrilled to now be stocking her patterns at SewandSo.

Because we haven’t stocked Elizabeth Hartman quilt patterns before we wanted to find out a bit more about her and how she came to make such fabulous quilts:

I’ve always loved animal motifs. When I was younger, I wanted to be an illustrator, and most of my work involved some kind of flora and fauna. I’ve always liked to draw and paint, but I’ve also always love to make things – anything really – which is why it’s not all that surprising that I eventually decided to try to make a quilt. I didn’t really know what I was doing, and the results were not impressive, but I loved the process and have been making quilts ever since.

The fabrics that were available back when I first started quilting were vastly different than what we have today. I remember being so delighted when quilting cottons started to expand beyond batiks and old-timey florals into the array of sophisticated and modern prints and ever-growing palettes of solid fabrics that we see today. I’m also fortunate enough to get to design fabric now, which has been amazingly fun!

Elizabeth Hartman

Because I love animal motifs, I’ve always been drawn to animal fabrics that can be fussy cut, and you can see countless examples of this in my books, particularly, Patchwork City. The real turning point for me was starting to incorporate animal motifs into my piecing. The very first animal blocks that I made were cats – just the silhouettes of cat heads made of scrappy patchwork piecing. I loved making the cats, so I started playing around with the design that became my Fancy Fox block. Unlike the cats, Fancy Fox has a cute little face, with eyes, nose, and a white muzzle. I wasn’t originally planning on making one but, when I posted a photo of Fancy Fox on Instagram, I was amazed at the demand for a pattern!

Elizabeth Hartman Elizabeth Hartman

Since then, Fancy Fox has become one of my best-sellers, and I’ve created an ever-growing menagerie including hedgehogs, fireflies, llamas, flamingos, and an ocean of sea creatures. I consider myself so lucky to be able to do for work what I might otherwise be doing for fun. I hope that you enjoy my patterns, and am looking forward to sharing the currently-still-secret ones that I’m working on right now!

You can check out all of the quilt patterns we stock from Elizabeth Hartman in store now.

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