Eight Sporty Cross Stitch Kits That Are Winning

Today is the day the most prestigious tennis tournament of the year starts. Wimbledon gets under way and with last year’s winner, Andy Murray, being a Brit, we are keeping our eyes set on another win.

We will be watching the tournament while getting into the sporty spirit with a different kind of marathon. A cross stitch marathon!

Here are my favourite sporty cross stitch kits that make me want to go out and get active … almost!

1 Tennis Chick

Tennis Chick

This little chick is ready for Wimbledon. The determination on his face looks like he is set to win!

This cute guy from Heritage Crafts is one of a number of sporty chicks in their collection.

2 Thea Gouverneur Gymnastics On Linen

Gymnastics On Linen

Thea Gouverneur has created this fetching kit of a gymnast. Stitch her as she makes her way across the balance beam. Gymnastics is always my favourite sport to watch at the Olympics. The determination of the athletes is incredible and their performances are mesmerising.

3 Rugby Cross Stitch Kit


The Rugby cross stitch kit from Thea Gouverneur would be the perfect kit to stitch and put into a card for a rugby fan. At 6 1/4 x 6 3/4 inches it is perfect card size for a birthday, Father’s Day or thank-you card.

4 Football


Use your hobby of stitching to gift this to someone whose hobby is Football. A football loving husband for example. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be sat stitching than sat watching the footy!

5 Tennis Girl Chart

Tennis Girl

How sweet is this little girl? Starting her passion for tennis early like many of the stars of Wimbledon did I am sure. I would stitch this and add it to a blanket for a sports-loving child. It’s too sweet not to share.

6 Batsman Cross Stitch


Cricket is one of those sports I do not understand. Who’s winning? I have no idea! But I love this kit! I love the action and the colours so it has made it onto my list of favourites. Have you completed any cricket cross stitch kits?

7 Four Seventy Chartpack

Four Seventy

Sailing is quite the extreme sport isn’t it? This is a chart to be stitched while watching a regatta. This would look lovely framed and hung for all to see in your home.

8 When Hunger Strikes

When Hunger Strikes

When Hunger Strikes sounds like it could be the name of the horse at the Grand National doesn’t it? I particularly like the comical value in this kit and I especially love the plump little horse!

Will you be watching Wimbledon this year? If not, what are your favourite sports and have you stitched them? Let us know by commenting below or tagging us on social using @SewandSo UK

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