Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners | Make Your Own Fabric Bookmark

We love these simple and pretty fabric bookmark projects. They are easy sewing projects for beginners. Looks great on the shelves and in the pages of all of our favourite craft books. Mix and match your favourite left over fabric scraps to make this pretty book treat.

bookmarkYou Will Need:


1. Cut out a rectangular piece of thick white card to measure 16cm x 4cm (63?8in x 1½in).

2. With the fabric laid out right side up on your work surface, place the cardboard on top of the left edge of the fabric leaving a 1cm (3?8in) edge. Fold the rest of the fabric over the card, pulling it tight. (The pattern on the fabric should be on the inside now.)

3. Sew along the outer edges of the fabric, as close to the card edge as possible, ensuring the material is pulled tight along the folded side. Leave one end open at the top. Cut off any excess material along the edges.

4. Remove the piece of card and turn the fabric inside out so that the pattern is now right side out. Push the card back inside.

5. Fold the open edges neatly and hand sew the final edge. Using a zigzag stitch, machine stitch about 6mm (¼in) from the edge of the bookmark all the way around.


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