Easy Sewing Patterns | Ditsy Heart Hairclip

Looking for easy sewing patterns? Here’s a pretty little project for a pretty little girl. This ditsy heart hairclip by Nicola Langdon is easy enough to make with your child but cute enough to wear yourself!

Easy Sewing Patterns Ditsy Heart HeartclipYou Will Need:

  • Gold, magenta, purple and blue stranded cotton (floss) (We used DMC colours E3852, 309, 327 and 792)
  • Flower button
  • Scrap of floral fabric (optional) (We used Amy Butler Soul Blossoms Sari Bloom Raspberry)
  • Hairclip


1. Using the heart template, cut two hearts from purple felt. Machine stitch three rambling stems onto one of the hearts with a small straight stitch and gold thread; finish off the ends. Hand sew small leaves and petals randomly onto the gold stems using a small running stitch.

2. Using one strand of magenta, embroider a tulip at the top of the centre stem — outline with running stitch and fill with satin stitch to fill. Finish off ends.

3. Now outline the tulip flower with one strand of purple stranded cotton and a small running stitch. Using a longer running stitch, add four or five stitches to the base of the flower.

4. Cut a small ditsy flower from your floral fabric scrap. Stitch to the left stem with small neat stitches in the centre. Do not worry if the edges fray a little as this looks even better! Use gold thread to sew the flower button at the top of the right stem.

5. Place the second heart behind the first and tack (baste) into place. This will hide your finishings. Using one strand of blue stranded cotton, machine stitch together using a small straight stitch 2mm from the edge. Alternatively hand sew with a small running stitch Finish the ends. Finally, oversew the homespun heart to the hairclip.

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