Easy DIY Disco Ball

This DIY disco ball is such a fun project, made by upcycling a small pile of compact discs. Not your generic party light, this DIY disco ball has a ball at the core, covered with irregular shards of hand-cut CDs. When hung with a light source shining on it, it will send hundreds of rainbow prisms all over the room. Result: Instant Party!

DIY Disco Ball

You Will Need:

  • Old CDs
  • Wooden handle from a foam paintbrush or a 5″ (13cm) section of ½” (1cm) wood dowel
  • Small polystyrene ball
  • Drill
  • Eye screw
  • Craft glue
  • Fishing line
  • Paintbrush
  • Silver acrylic paint
  • Scissors
  • All-Purpose Adhesive

DIY Disco Ball instructions:

1. Using a drill, punch a small hole and then twist an eye screw into the top of the wooden handle or dowel.

2.  Push the handle into the ball so that the top of the wooden dowel is flush with the surface of the ball and the eye screw extends out the top of the ball.

3. Pull out the dowel, apply craft glue and reinsert. Let it dry. After the glue has dried, thread a generous length of fishing line through the eye screw and suspend the ball over your workspace. Brush the ball with a layer of silver paint and let dry.

DIY Disco Ball4. With scissors, carefully cut into a CD. First cut out the center clear plastic section, then cut the remaining silver material into sections that are 1″ (3cm) or smaller. You’ll probably need pieces from five or six CDs to mirror your ball.

5. Cover the surface of your pre-painted ball with the CD shards. Apply the All-Purpose Adhesive to the back of each CD shard before you position it on the ball. Try to keep the surfaces clear of glue as it will mar the finished ball. It’s a good idea to start in one section and build out, placing pieces as close together as possible. Keep the scissors on hand as you might need to trim some pieces to get a closer fit. Let the glue dry completely.


6. Hang your finished disco ball where it will be illuminated from a direct light source, and get ready to party!

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