Easter Cupcakes – Bunnies and Chicks

From Seasonal Cupcakes by Carolyn White

On these fabulous Easter cupcakes cute bunnies are pictured hopping away with their sugar tails disappearing through the lush green grass, while little yellow chicks gambol.

You Will Need:

Makes 12

  • 12 cupcakes flat frosted with Party green (SF)- coloured vanilla buttercream
  • Flower (gum/petal) paste: 50g (13/4oz) teddy bear brown, 30g (1oz) pale lemon
  • White royal icing in paper piping (pastry) bag with no. 1.5 piping tube (tip)
  • Sugarpaste (rolled fondant) with CMC: 40g (11/2oz) each lilac, pink and yellow
  • 300g (101/2oz) Party green (SF)-coloured vanilla buttercream
  • Cutters: bunny set (PME), chick set (C4F), blossom plunger set (PME metal or plastic)
  • no.233 grass-effect piping tube
  • Black edible pen










1 Use the bunny and chick cutters to cut out 12 each of the large and smaller bunnies from the brown flower paste and 6 chickes from the lemon paste. Use the white royal icing to pipe a round tail onto the bottom of each bunny and an eye on each chick. Leave to dry.

2 Use the smallest two blossom plunger cutters from the set to cut out flowers from the sugarpaste colours. Pipe a dot of royal icing in each flower centre. Leave to dry.

3 Use the no.233 piping the in a large disposable plastic piping bag to pipe small clumps of the pale green buttercream on top of each green flat-frosted cake, varying the heights. Leave to dry.

4 Add a dot of black edible pen to the chicks’ eyes. Add the chicks to 6 of the cakes and the bunnies to the remaining cakes with blossoms.


Seasonal Cupcakes






About the Author:

Carolyn White has always loved having fun with cakes, hence her company name – Cakes 4 Fun! Everything she looks at is stored away as “that would make a great cake one day”, and this just how she sees everything, from a handbag to a greeting card.

Carolyn has also written Cupcake Fun and Cake Pops in the Bake Me I’m Yours… series, so if you like this book, why not try your hand at creating some more cupcake designs or cake pops!

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