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Doodle Trees and Happy Bees is the beautiful new book from one of our favourite illustrators, Kim Anderson. It’s an incredibly cute book full of happy art, projects and doodling encouragement. Love Tree

Kim encourages you to be excited about the magic that awaits her around the corner when she believes in her artistic dreams. We got to speak to Kim recently about her designs and their transformation from illustration to one of Bothy Threads best selling cross-stitch kits. It is easy to see why people have fallen in love with her designs. Her illustration style is beautiful and to turn them into kits so people can stitch them is a wonderful idea. They make truly beautiful kits, with our all-time favourite being the Love Tree.

In Doodle Trees and Happy Bees, you will see some wonderful illustrations that have been transformed into cross-stitch like the Flamingos, Elly the Elephant, the Birdcage and the Magical Unicorn. In the book, Kim teaches you how to create these illustrations. However, if like me, a stick man is all you can draw, you can still create these impressive designs in cross-stitch form.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside the book, shall we?

Doodle Trees and Happy Bees

Creative growth is a journey and there’s much fun to be had in the ride—the unknowing of what could happen next. Important steps in this journey include nourishing bravery and being willing to take the risks that bring about growth. In this book, you will not only learn fun techniques for incorporating mixed-media collage into happy bits of doodling, you’ll be led through Kim’s own inspiring stories of how to stay on the path to creative happiness.

Kim believes that being creative in some way will make a person’s life more harmonious and fulfilled. Luckily, you don’t have to be a master artist to be creative. You could doodle, knit, sing or even rearrange furniture. This gives us a huge sense of personal achievement and in an age of social media where we can share our work with each other around the world quickly. You can gain connections and recognition with like-minded people who share the joy in the illustration process. In the book, Kim takes you on a journey of creative thoughts and techniques to inspire your creativity.

Doodle Trees and Happy Bees rainbow

Doodle Trees and Happy Bees tells the story of how Kim channelled her creativity to create a harmonious balance. Along her journey, she gives tips and tasks on how you can achieve this balance yourself.  She goes into depth about tools and materials that she uses for her artwork and how you can create this look too. There are 15 projects/ techniques in the book that anyone can do.

“It’s quite therapeutic to doodle the same thing over and over again. Have you ever been on the phone and whilst talking, start to doodle? This happens as a result of the pure freedom you have with your hands and ‘switching off’ for a while. This is like adult colouring phenomena, which has become big hit these days! It’s good for us to relax and let our hands take over sometimes in something so simple yet creative”


Doodle Trees and Happy Bees CoverDoodle Trees and Happy Bees is a fantastic book for fulfilment, creativity and general happiness. Full of whimsical doodles and playful art this it is a must have for all. You can buy it on Sew and So now.




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