Free and Easy Dog Bandana Pattern to Sew

You'll love this free and easy dog bandana pattern to sew for your furbaby!Pet accessories are all the rage, and shops are selling clothes to adorn your pets. Mandy Shaw, author of Stitch At Home, didn’t go that far with her beloved Ted, but a nice and easy dog bandana pattern to sew that attaches to his collar makes any dog look a dash cuter!

Dog Bandana Pattern Materials:

Finished size: 25.5cm x 15.5cm (10in x 6in)

Sewing Pattern Instructions:

  1. Fold the cotton fabric in half and half again, right sides together.
  2. Enlarge the dog bandana pattern and place on the folded fabric as marked. Cut out.
  3. Open out the first fold and you will have the shape of the neckerchief in front of you, which includes a lining. Sew along the unfolded edges with a 6mm (¼in) seam allowance, leaving a 7.5cm (3in) opening in one side for turning. Trim the corners and turn the right way out. Press.

    TIP Choose fabrics that are easy to launder. Adapt the pattern size to suit a smaller or larger dog.

  4. Example of a Dog Neckerchief that was sewn together.To make the casing for the dog’s collar, turn over 3.2cm (1¼in) along the top edge and topstitch in place. Thread the collar through the casing, and it is ready to put on your dog (Fig. 1).

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2 thoughts on “Free and Easy Dog Bandana Pattern to Sew

  1. Great idea! I have just made a pirate skull and cross bone neckerchief for my Mini Pin. He looks very cute in it and doesnt seem to mind wearing it at all. I love the fact you can slot it over the existing dog collar and im sure i will make more! Thanks for the pattern and easy to follow instructions! Jen

  2. Hi the pattern is great. I have friend who works in the charity shop which supports the South Yorkshire Springer Spaniel Rescue Centre and she mentioned that she had seen these for sale at different places so I thought it might be an idea to make some for them to sell in the shop to help raise funds. I have some oddments of material so thought I could make them reversable. Fingers crossed they will be a success. Thank you for the free pattern.