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Logo-Custom-17-2-14-vectoCustom By Me is the new innovative product from DMC. It allows you to add a personal touch to your sewing projects or fabric products. It is quick, easy and relaxing and will give you the opportunity to make yourself, a friend or family member a truly unique product.



Customising clothes is currently more popular than ever. DMC has come up with a new line, Custom By Me that ensures all types of fabric can be quickly and easily personalised by embroidery. It isn’t too complicated so even a novice could complete them. And once complete you end up with an item of clothing or accessory that is truly unique that suits your style and is personal to you. This new line promises to be this summers big fad.

Because items can so easily be customised, DMC’s Custom By Me makes a great gift for friends and family. Whether its a pre made customised gift or a kit you give them to create themselves, it is ideal and a gift the recipient will treasure.

DMC custom by Me family

So, how does it work I hear you ask? It is actually remarkably simple. You pick the pattern you wish to use, you place the adhesive magic sheet onto your item and iron down into place using your hand. You then embroider through the paper onto the material of your choice. Once complete, immerse the item in water and the paper rubs away leaving behind the pattern you have just created.


Custom By Me allows absolute beginners and creative upcyclers to instantly transform a plain white tee, bag, scarf, cushion or pet blanket, in fact any fabric item, into their own unique creation. – DMC

Necessary materials
– scissors
– A needle
– “Custom by me!” – Thread
– “Custom by me!” – Pattern
– The item that you want to customise!

DMC Custom by Me!

You can buy DMC’s Custom By Me now on Sew and So. We would love to see what you have created as well so please comment below or write to us on our FacebookTwitter or Instagram


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    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      There certainly is an alphabet pattern, 3 different ones in fact. No specific Christmas pattern however.
      Although some of the patterns could look Christmasy!

  1. I like the idea of this product but if you wanted to stitch someone’s name that had a letter duplicated you’d need more than one alphabet sheet which could work out rather expensive. Perhaps you could sell individual letters?