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These embellished DIY party bags by Chloe Adcock are perfect for filling with sweets to delight younger guests. You could even add the children’s names to personalize each bag.

DIY Party Bags

You Will Need:

  • Co-ordinating patterned papers
  • White expandable envelopes size A4 (US letter)
  • Silk ribbons in assorted colours
  • Balloon punch

DIY Party Bags Instructions:

1. Trim off the glue flap from an envelope. Fold both sides in and the base up by approximately 3cm (1 1/8in), using a bone folder to score the lines for a crisp edge.

2. Open the envelope and with your hand inside push out the scored lines to form two flat
sides. Repeat for the score lines at the bottom of the envelope to form a flat base; fold in the bottom corners and stick to the base.

3. You now have a rectangular bag. Score and fold over the open top edge. Punch two holes for the ribbon to thread through once the bags have been filled.

4. Cut a piece of patterned paper the same width as your bag and approximately 6cm (2 3/8in) high and use double-sided tape to stick itto the bag front. Punch out balloon
shapes from co-ordinating paper and adhere to the decorative band.

5. Cut thin strips of paper and curl around a pencil to create the streamers. If desired, cut out paper letters to spell the name of the recipient and use a glue pen to attach to the front of the bag.

6. Repeat steps 1–5 to make as many DIY party bags as you have guests at the party. Fill the finished bags with toys, sweets and small gifts, and tie a ribbon through the pre-punched holes to seal.

Have you tried making your own DIY party bags? Let us know, along with your other handmade party ideas in the comments below!

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