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This beautiful DIY paper flower bouquet designed by Dorothy Wood will last forever. This paper flower tutorial will teach you how to make stunning paper roses made from patterned paper and assembled with wire. A gorgeous decoration for any party table.

DIY Paper Flower BouquetYou Will Need:

  • Templates
  • 30 sheets of coordinating patterned papers
  • 15cm x 15cm (6in x 6in) ribbons in varying widths
  • Silver wire
  • Ultra-adhesive tape
  • Distress ink
  • Embossing tool

DIY Paper Flower Bouquet Instructions:

1. Trace off the petal templates and cut out from stiff card. Arrange the papers in six bundles, each containing five sheets (one for each rose). Draw around all three petal templates onto each paper bundle. Holding the papers together firmly, cut out the petals from each bundle.

2. Dab the petal edges with the ink. Crumple up each petal to distress the paper.

3. Run a large embossing tool around the top edge of each petal on the reverse side of the centre point. Repeat for all 15 petals to make a single rose. Pull top edges over closed scissors to curl further. Roll a small petal around
a pencil to create a cone shape with the petal curving out at the top. Tape to secure and remove the pencil. Add the other small petals one at a time covering the join of the previous petal each time.

4. Fold 50cm (20in) of wire in half and twist stem; tuck cut end into rose. Add the medium petals taping each in position. Add the large petals allowing them to bloom out to create a rose. Wrap loops of ribbon with wire and leave tail as stem. Wrap rose and ribbon stems with ultra-adhesive tape and assemble the bouquet wrapping with wire. Cover a card tube. and stick over the stems. Tie ribbon to create long tails at top of handle.

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