DIY Oven Glove Pattern | Free Tutorial

With so many beautiful fabric designs, this pretty DIY oven glove pattern makes a gorgeous gift to adorn any kitchen. Easy enough for beginners, this project is a perfect start for working with fabric. Use contrasting fabric for the lining and binding for a great effect. We used Tanya Whelan fabrics to make this handy shabby chic cook’s helper.

For this oven glove pattern you will need:


 Quilted Oven Glove Project


1. Draw loosely around the shape of your hand adding an extra 5cm (2in) all around and making sure it comes as far down your wrist as you’d like. Cut this out to make your oven glove pattern.

2. Fold the fabric in half; place the oven glove pattern on the folded fabric and draw around it to give you a front and a back glove. Cut out. Also use the template to cut out front and back piece from the wadding and a front and back from the lining fabric.

3. Tack (baste) the matching top and lining fabric pieces together with the wadding sandwiched in the middle. Quilt — crisscross lines are simple and effective.

4. With right sides facing, pin the quilted front and back pieces together, adding a loop of ribbon between the layers, making sure that the looped ends are facing inwards. Machine stitch together taking extra care where the thumb meets the rest of the glove.

5. Snip into the seams around the thumb and turn the glove right way out.

6. Cut a 10cm (37?8in) wide strip of the lining fabric to bind the raw edge of the glove. Fold the fabric strip in half and press. Open up the strip and place one raw edge to the raw edge of the glove and stitch about 1.3cm (½in) from the edge. Fold the strip back over to the inside of the glove, turn under and machine or hem stitch in place.

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