DIY iPad or eReader Case Project

Keep your iPad or eReader safe with this excellent knitting tutorial. This DIY iPad case is a perfect project for anyone who has an iPad. The soft wool acts as a safeguard from outside elements such as rain or dust and helps keep the screen scratch free.

By Rowena Lane


diy ipad

You Will Need:


1. Knit the iPad cover following the pattern below:


Cast on 32sts in MC.

Row 1: K4, p4 to end.

Row 2: P4, k4 to end.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 three times (6 rows worked).

Row 7: P4, k4 to end.

Row 8: K4, p4 to end.

Repeat rows 7 and 8 three more times.

These 12 rows form the pattern.

Rep until work measures 27cm (105?8in).

Shape flap:

Row 1: K1, K2tog, k to last 3sts, K2tbl, K1.

Row 2: K to end of row.

Repeat rows 1and 2 three times. (26sts)

Change to yarn C and continue decreasing on alternate rows as above for next 4 rows.

Change back to MC (use doubled) and cont in patt until 10sts rem on needle. K next row.

Make buttonhole:

Row 1: K3, cast off 4sts, knit to end.

Row 2: K3, Yfwd, K3. (7sts)

Row 3: Knit to end.Row 4: K1, K2tog, K1, K2tog tbl, K1. (5sts)

Row 5: Knit to end.

Row 6: K1, K3tog, K1. (3sts)

Cast off.


Using yarn C, cast on 32sts.

Work as for back until 24cm (9½in) long.

Next rows k to end, until work measures 27cm (105?8in).

Cast off.

2. Stitch the front onto the back to make the pouch.

Fold the flap over the front, mark the button position, then sew the button on.


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