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Brighten someone’s day with this DIY floral greetings card — the perfect substitute to a bouquet of flowers! Why not personalise the design by using your recipient’s favourite flower as design inspiration — simply imitate the shape and size when you cut out your petals for the tall flowers!


You Will Need:

  • C6 white cards and envelopes
  • Springtime paper and vellum pack
  • Sticky foam pads
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

DIY Floral Greetings Card Instructions:

1. Using the paper selection pack, select a piece for the grass. Tear gently so it covers approximately a third of the card, leaving a 6mm (¼in) gap around the edges. Stick down using glue stick. Cut or tear a smaller piece of vellum, covering about a sixth of the page with a 6mm (¼in) gap around the edge and stick on top of the first layer.

2. Choose papers for the tall flowers. Cut out four circle shapes and four smaller circles from contrasting paper for the centres. Glue larger circles straight onto the card; use sticky foam pads for the circle centres.

3. Choose paper for the poppies and cut out 18 circles (six 1.5cm/5?8in and the rest slightly smaller). Stick the larger circles straight onto the card, then stick on the additional smaller circles using a foam pad between each layer to create dimension.

4. Cut out petals for the remaining two flowers (you will need 10 per flower).

5. Stick the first layer of petals straight onto the card and use foam pads to stick down the additional petals on top. Cut out smaller circle centres in contrasting paper and stick on using foam pads.

6. Using a black pen, draw on the flower stems and add centres to the poppies. You do not have to worry about making the flower stems perfect!

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