DIY Cross Stitch Roses Pincushion

This beautiful cross stitch roses pincushion designed by Helen Philipps is easy to make – very vintage, very pretty and very useful at the same time! Cross stitch roses are timeless and work well with so many fabrics.

DIY cross stitch roses pincushion


You Will Need

28-count linen in pale pink, 10cm (4in) square
DMC stranded cottons as in chart key
Tapestry needle size 24–26
• Printed pink cotton for backing 10cm (4in) square
• Narrow spotted yellow ribbon
Polyester stuffing
• Two decorative buttons

Stitching the cross stitch roses

Find the centre of the piece of linen and, working from the centre of the chart, stitch the four cross stitch roses. Stitch over two threads of linen using two strands of stranded cotton for the cross stitches (a).

DIY cross stitch roses pincushion

DIY cross stitch roses pincushion

Sewing the pincushion

1 Take the completed cross stitch roses stitching and place it right sides together with the backing fabric (b). Sew round all sides leaving a small gap for turning (c).

DIY cross stitch roses pincushion

2 Trim the seams, clip the comers, turn the pincushion through to the right side and press. Stuff the pincushion with polyester stuffing and sew the gap closed.

3 Take the ribbon and thread it through a large-eyed needle. Push the needle through the centre of the pincushion, leaving a 10cm (4in) tail of ribbon on the top (d). Take the ribbon round the side of the pincushion and up through the centre again, so it looks like a parcel. Do this again for the other sides. Catch the ribbon in the centre back with a couple of stitches.

DIY cross stitch roses pincushion

4 Sew a large pink button in the centre of the pincushion at the top (e) and a small button in the back centre to finish.

DIY cross stitch roses pincushion

DIY cross stitch roses pincushion

This DIY cross stitch roses pincushion project was excerpted from Simple Sewn Gifts by Helen Philipps.

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Ame Verso is the daughter of legendary cross stitch designer Jo Verso and has been cross stitching since the age of 10. She also sews and crochets and is the face of the SewandSo YouTube channel.