DIY Butterfly Gift Topper | Easy Papercraft Ideas

Beautifully wrapped presents are always a joy to receive. This DIY butterfly gift topper adds that extra special pizazz to your present. You can co-ordinate the butterfly with the wrapping paper, or choose contrasting colours to really bring the butterfly to life!

DIY butterfly gift topperYou Will Need:

DIY Butterfly Gift Topper Instructions:

1. Print out or trace the two butterfly templates. Draw around the butterfly templates onto the pastel paper and the pastel vellum and cut out.

2. Adhere a foam pad under the smaller butterfly’s body.

3. Stick the smaller butterfly on top of the larger butterfly, making sure that the wings are left unstuck.

4. Adhere the double butterfly to the present with sticky foam pads for dimensional effect. Add glitter for an extra sparkly gift topper!

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