DIY Armchair Renovation

Do you have an old unloved chair that could use some TLC? This simple DIY Armchair Renovation project from French Country Chic will turn your chair into treasure. With some simple techniques and beautiful fabric, you can up-cycle your unwanted furniture into something grand and new.


You Will Need:

  • armchair
  • fine sandpaper
  • acrylic paint, matt blue and white
  • striped fabric for the seat
  • floral fabric for the chair back
  • upholstery tacks
  • scraps of fabric for the flowers and the buttons
  • 50 cm (20 in) of fine iron-on interfacing
  • 2 self-cover buttons
  • braid
  • matching thread
  • pins
  • fabric adhesive
  • paint brush for the paint
  • paint brush for the adhesive



Lightly sand the wood parts of the armchair, so that the paint will adhere, and wipe clean. Paint with two coats of blue
paint, leaving to dry between each coat. Then apply two coats of white paint. After drying for 24 hours, lightly sand the edges and the raised areas so that the blue paint shows through. Wipe clean.

Make a paper template of the shape of the chair back and the seat and transfer onto the reverse of the fabrics.

Cut out.

Line the scraps of fabric with iron-on interfacing. Copy flower templates, cut out from card and
draw around their outline onto the iron-on interfacing. Cut out on the marked lines. Position the flowers on the chair back fabric overlapping several of them, starting with the largest flowers on the bottom and finishing with the smallest on top, securing each flower as you go with slip stitch. Cover the buttons with fabric and sew at the centre of each flower.
Position the fabric for the seat and the chair back on the armchair and tack all around in the wood, stretching it out

Glue on the braid to hide the tacks.


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