Discover Sara Lawson’s Fantastia Fabric

Step into Sara Lawson’s whimsical world and explore her wonderful new Fantasia fabric collection – a range that is sure to delight! Inspired by her favourite childhood cartoon film, Fantasia is a truly magical collection, full of lighthearted illustrations, unicorns and vibrant pops of colour.

Based in Illinois, Sara Lawson is an extremely successful fabric and pattern designer and author. Having grown up in a family whose passion was sewing, Sara leant the basics at a young age and made her first dress when she was just 8 years old. It wasn’t until 2010 that Sara’s sewing career really began, initially starting with her sewing blog, Sew Sweetness where she became inspired me to share her beautiful creations and sewing knowledge. Since then Sara has since gone on to write more than 40 bag patterns, showcased a variety of items at Quilt Market booths, and had her work featured in both national and international sewing magazines. Let’s take a look at her recent collection…

 Sara Lawson’s Fantastia Fabric

Sara Lawson Fantasia Fabric Collection Sara Lawson Fantasia Fabric Collection
Sara Lawson Fantasia Fabric Collection Sara Lawson Fantasia Fabric Collection
Sara Lawson Fantasia Fabric Collection Sara Lawson Fantasia Fabric Collection

Camouflaged with playful details, the Fantasia collection consists of 20 gorgeous prints, filled with vibrant pops of colour. Sara’s imaginative illustrations include fantasy unicorns, toadstools, flowers, and butterflies set in a contrasting palette of soft orchid pinks, mineral blue and hints of ginger yellow and mulberry. Inspired by a fairytale film, the collection is reminiscent of a fabulous dreamlike world and would add the most wonderful and playful touch to any upcoming project!

My Favourite Prints…

Sara Lawson Fantasia Fabric Collection   Sara Lawson Fantasia Fabric Collection   Sara Lawson Fantasia Fabric Collection

There are so many gorgeous fabrics to choose from, but my favourites include these pretty prints above. From left to right – the playful Agaricus Forest Froth Fabric, also available in Forest Water; the fantasy fairytale themed Unicorn Fable Balsamtree, also available in Sageplant and the simplistic but effective Lucky Hoofprint Arena with bright ‘pops’ of yellow, also available in teal and grey.  Her fabrics also look fantastic when mixed and matched together, just take a look below!

Sara Lawson Fantasia Fabric Collection

The Fantasia collection is perfect for all types of sewing, including making large quilts and pretty clothing to small gifts, handbags and accessories. View the complete collection in our online shop today and don’t forget to upload a photo of your recent projects or post them on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #SCCmakes. We’d love to see your creations!


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