Dinky Sailboat Brooch Project

Get swept away with this adorable felt project by Nicola Langdon. Also made with scraps of fabric, this pretty little boat makes a sweet little brooch in a snap.

By Nicola Langdon



You Will Need:

  • Dinky Sail Boat Brooch Pattern
  • Baby blue felt
  • Scrap of patterned fabric
    We used Amy Butler Soul Blossoms Sari Bloom Raspberry
  • Metallic turquoise, blue, pink and red stranded cotton (floss)
  • Lilac, red and yellow silk ribbons
  • Brooch fixing



1. Using the template cut two boats from blue felt. Using metallic turquoise thread hand-sew waves to the bottom of one boat 5mm (3?16in) from the edge. Add four or five randomly-placed running stitches for sea-spray. Finish off the ends.

2. Cut and appliqué a patterned fabric triangle to the sail. Using one strand of blue stranded cotton, machine stitch along the edge of the sail. Use running stitch, 2mm (3?32in) from the sail edge. Finish off ends.

3. Using alternate blue and pink stranded cotton, machine or hand-sew five lines across the sail. Start in the bottom-left corner and sew out using a small running stitch. Finish off ends.

4. Cut a length of lilac and red ribbon approximately 5cm (2in) long. Tack (baste) the ribbon to the top of the boat below the sail. Using lilac or red thread, machine or hand-stitch along the ribbon to secure. Ensure the ribbon ends are tucked underneath.

5. Cut a length of yellow ribbon, approximately 2cm (¾in) long. Fold in half and sew behind the top-left of the sail. Finish all ends and ‘V’ the ribbon-ends.

6. Place the second felt boat at the back of the decorated boat to hide the finished ends and tack (baste) together. Using one strand of blue stranded cotton, machine or hand-sew around the edge of the boats to join together as in step 2. Oversew the boat to a brooch fixing to finish.

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