Decorating Ideas For Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery hoops can be used as a modern way of framing your completed cross stitch designs. But if you’d like to take it a step further, check out Kirsty Neale’s creative decorating ideas to transform your hoops…

Whether it’s just a touch of paint to change the shade, or some decoupage to create a patterned edge, we think that your embroidery hoops deserve some love. Here are our favourite decorating ideas to make your embroidery hoop frames a bit more special:

Decorating ideas for embroidery hoops

Decorating ideas for embroidery hoopsPaint: Brush two or three thin coats of paint over the outside edges of the hoop, leaving each one to dry before adding the next.

Why not try…

  • Using a fine brush or paint pen, add (optional) patterns, such as spots or stripes, in a contrasting colour.
  • For a glossy finish, spray or brush on a coat of clear varnish to seal and protect your finished paint job.


Decorating ideas for embroidery hoopsWood stain: Brush a thin coat of wood stain over the outer edges of the hoop.

Why not try…

  • Add extra coats, allowing each one to dry before applying the next, to build up a darker colour.
  • Cover sections of the hoop with masking tape before staining to create fun, patterned-wood effects, such as stripes.


Decorating ideas for embroidery hoopsDecoupage: Spread glue (or a papier mâché medium) over a section of your hoop. Tear paper into small strips. Press the first one down on the hoop and spread more glue on top. Add a second piece next to the first, overlapping the edges. Keep going until the whole frame is covered.

Why not try…

  • Thin or soft papers work best, so experiment with tissue, newspaper and old book pages. Pick colours and patterns to work with the design inside your hoop.

Decorating ideas for embroidery hoopsWashi tape: Press your tape down over the outer edge of the hoop and then carefully smooth it around the side edges using your fingertips. When you reach the top of the hoop, carefully trim the tape to fit around the metal hardware.

Why not try…

  • For narrow tapes, try wrapping a few different patterns around the frame to create stripes, or layer two strips horizontally.

Hoop-la!So now it’s time to test out these decorating ideas for yourself! Browse our great range of embroidery hoops and get creative! For more fantastic and innovative ideas for working with embroidery hoops, order your copy of Hoop-La! today or download the PDF ebook instantly!

Happy Stitching!

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